Community Event / Creation EEEEK! New Player : HELP ME!

EEEEK! New Player: HELP ME!

I am TOTALLY out of my depth!

Please "Throw Me A Bone" and recommend best sites for Beginners Tips, and Offer Any other relevant advice I will need!

NOTHING is too simple or obvious to offer up!

Please assume total idiocy, ignorance and NOOBness on my part!

Thank you!
Try the training missions, they are a free source of skill learning.

These forums are full of ideas, some good and some not so good. They are also full of experience.

Good luck and welcome to the asylum.

The fact you came here to learn and not blame the game means you're already one of the top players. Hold your head high.

I'd spend a little time just observing flight mechanics when you can. As game progression goes it has the potential to be tough at first if you try to do it in an engaging manner, but you always have the option of picking off kills in a RES. Just fly to a resource extraction site that's not hazardous, and when the cops are killing a criminal, fire on the criminal when they're close to dying. Minimal risk for a bounty that'll be worth anything from 5k to 50k at the start; a slightly better site and ship, up to 200k a ship.
I remember trashing my first anaconda at the Station and getting stuck between station and some antenna. You know: it barely fits...
Instead of sending out some help the station killed me after 20 seconds.
70 days of gameplay for nothing.

Welcome to Elite Dangerous (ED) .... look to the newcomers section to get a lot of good tips. Your bio says you've been sign up for the forum since 2014. If you haven't read much of the forums, now is the time to catch up. Check out the CG (Community Goals) where even if your the lowest contributor your a winner.

How much have you played so far?

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