EIC Presents: The Danksgiving Expedition

The East India Company presents: The Danksgiving Expedition, November 3304


"Well, it's just a bit, you know -- dull at times in Colonia", my partner in crime said, putting his feet up on the console. "I mean there's Jaques Bar, but they're all out of the good stuff, and then there's the Customs people who ... well, want to spoil the party"

And so the idea was born. The citizens of Colonia have been working hard to build their new home, and now it's time they got a reward, regardless of what Customs might like to think. So with the aid of The East India Company and publicity via Lave Radio, an expedition was put together with the following goals:

* Explore the "high route" to Colonia. Away from the well-trodden route via the Colonia Connection, the high route is replete with unexplored neutron stars and far away from Customs patrols, making it just ideal for the long-distance smuggler and highly profitable for the explorers.
* Bring the first load of booty - anything intoxicating, but in particular Onionhead and Lavian Brandy for Colonia citizens to enjoy, to resupply Jaques Bar - sneaking it into Jaques Station, past Colonia's most watchful customs presence...
* Be in Colonia just in time for the Q4 Exploration updates! Get a head start on the new exploration mechanics! Get on one of the very last expeditions where "jonking" is still a thing!

This expedition is open to everyone. You don't have to bring cargo if you can't carry it - the whales will be bringing in the bulk of it, and we're glad to have any explorers, travellers, photographers, or anyone else. After all, the more ships, the more we can distract Jaques Customs on arrival.

Help wanted! If anyone wants to design an expedition patch, please give me a shout in Discord (below) or reply here. Unfortunately time's a bit short: I'm hoping to get the expedition registered in EDSM by 1st November.

The Expedition

Expedition Discord: https://discord.gg/ccnaHPZ (updated, the old one seemed to have expired although I thought I'd set it to 'never expire'...)

Roster signup sheet: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VAF8nFVP6wOz0DnLV5McNVjcMHiO0yGDg-jkf3r0KWU

The expedition begins on Tuesday November 20th, with a loading party at Harvestport, Kappa Fornacis and at Lave Station, Lave. The lead ship will be the Alan Mathison Turing, an Imperial Cutter fit out for long distance smugg...err, trading. Over the following three weeks, the "high route" to Colonia will be travelled and explored. Once past the Traikaae nebula, the route encounters a vast neutron star field and becomes increasingly less explored - with many neutron star systems remaining undiscovered and ready to be tagged by explorers. The route remains 1000 LY above the galactic plane until it eventually reaches the Ooscs Nebula at the top of the Festival Grounds, then dives down rapidly towards Colonia.

Further details of timings etc. will be published on the Discord server above. There's a meeting time for each waypoint, with the Tuesday waypoints coinciding with the Lave Radio podcast transmission time.

Route waypoints

1. Traikaae NJ-L b26-0 - "Mount Rattenbury"

A violet mountaintop in a "sea" of aquamarine ice with a view of the majestic Traikaae Nebula in the background. Mount Rattenbury is the first route waypoint. Haulers and explorers are now leaving the near bubble, and after leaving this waypoint, the number of explored systems rapidly falls off as does stellar density.



2. Plaa Aescs YS-D b17-0 - "George Quayle's Gulch"

At the base of a deep and forbidding ravine, explorers and smugglers alike can look up at a sky spotted with nebula and the stellar dust of the galactic plane some thousand light years below.


3. Lysoosms OW-B b18-0 - "Jean Laffitte's Hideout"

A misty valley on an icy world that rather resembles a boiled sweet. Two icy worlds orbit each other, their tidal forces gently kneading each other resulting in geysers that will sometimes fill the valleys with a faint mist which could fool you into thinking there's sometimes an atmosphere...


4. Preae Ain IS-A d1-17 - "William McCoy Landing"

A plateau deep in a valley, just large enough for a gathering of ships seeking respite from the many neutron star jumps they will have undertaken to speed across the last few thousand light years. The nebula lights up the night sky and tinges the dust kicked up by ships and SRVs, giving them the appearance of fireflies. As the route approaches the Festival Grounds, many nebulas are visible in the skies over this otherwise remote, forbidding planet.



5. Ooscs Aob SQ-Q c7-33 - "Issac Gulliver's Cove"

A valley filled with silicate vapour fumaroles, and rich with materials that can be gathered to help recharge the AFMUs that have been well-used during the previous few thousand light years of neutron star boosted jumps. The rare sight of an ice cap on a landable planet greets the expedition on arrival.



Any questions, please post them below or join the Discord.
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SAGi have made a video news item for the expedition (see above!) and look out for the expedition advertisment in the next edition of SAGi :)

o7 Wish you lots of fun on this expedition while I'll be on the "sister expedition" Christmas Carriers Convoy, see you guys in Colonia.
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