Parks Elbeland - Alphapark 2019

Bit by bit my Park becomes what envisioned when i started this project.
Today my last adult/teens ride was replaced within my Toscana area, which is part of my italy entrance.

One of my many versions of the Condor or Condor 2.0
In this case as Pigeon Flyer (Rising Raptor)

Reise durch die Toskana (Macchina Classica)/ "Massetano" Coaster in the background

Toscana street inspired by a real town

A new part of my fairytale area.
Marketplace with a small funfair and Darkride

the Monorail with the ride "the old mill" (Round the World)

A new lighthouse with n the maratime part (Hyperjump)
In the background now the F25 "Pepe luh Patayro" after the old coaster did not function correctly anymore.

The new building for "Il Sole" Radius.
Though noone wants to ride it, i still keep it as a signature landmark.

Orkan (Power-Moves)
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Thank you. I would like to do more, but those are rides i can't unfortunately use.

Some pictures i forgot yesterday.
"The wise old tree" with TMTK from DeadEyeDuck
It is a fortune teller skin.

"Ein zauberhaftes Land" Balloon Race (The Aeronauts) with an extended yellow brick road.

"Knight Flight" Troika (Tri-Storm)
A skin i originally made for a rising raptor. With a hourly firebreathing dragon TMTK by LULUJARRE

"Adenvture River" Rafting Ride (Rolling River)
With its two showbuildings. (Cave of the dead and Cave of the Monster)

Currently i am working on my two volcanoes and the connected special effects. Simulating a Lavasteam.

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Thank you.

The Vulcano i was one of the older parts of the park, but i always wondered how to make it more lively except some smoke and some minor erruption on top .
What i am aiming for is now an eruption with lava slowly flowing down. Not sure how wide, far and big it should flow
I admit. Been a huge fan of Courtois/ Festi Decor for a loooong time :) and wasn't really happy with the looks of the Backdrop of the Street Dance.
Okay. Normally this wall could be found (could have been) on two Huss Flipper or Huss Ufo, but as we don't have neither of those two i will use it just on this.
After fiddle a bit, retouching and recomposing the motives this is the result:

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