Electric Tramway

From my "in work" park "Dreamland Kingdom", here the single coach tram...
Inspired by a mix of different real life tramways from different cities.

I built it modular, so the bogies are seperate buildings, because its much more convenient when you want to place it on a curved track, as then you can then turn easily the bogies, so they match with the curved track.

The coach inspired by several real life trams.

The single coach train has two pantographs, for each driving direction.

The drivers view... Also the console is on both sides.

The passengers view, with space for up to 24 passengers.

Night atmosphere.

Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523362501

Hope you like what you see. Would really like to read your feedback!
A lot of greets, Corkscrewloop
I would love for them to make a trolley car ride as a real ride. In RCT2 we had a tram ride that ran on railroad track, and in RCT3 a more modern looking tram on rails. Planet Coaster, just two steam trains, or a tour bus on rubber tires.
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