COMPLETED CG Eliminate Threat of Grey Swan Pilots (Combat)

Dont worry, the Wraith suit is available from the Stores through ARX, in five different colour variants. The exclusivity is (probably) the special Sand colour of the suit.

6400 arx and I've reached this week's cap with 6311... that's typical of my luck.
Hi all! Little bit of Gremlin behaviour going on.
The team are aware and looking into it o7
Cheers for the heads up, Sally.
Gone down to Shamash 2G for a bit of sledging in the meantime :)

Please note that if you have any crew members, a proportion of your combat bonds will be automatically assigned to them. These combat bonds will not count towards your personal contribution total, and your crew will receive the reward for these combat bonds when they are handed in. The proportion of combat bonds assigned to your crew will depend on their rank.
Gotta love this continuing tax on CG contributions just for playing the game as intended. Which doesn't even make any sense at all.(y)


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Oh no y'all are fine! We're just standing by and trying to stay on top of updates, don't mean to rush you guys. So extremely here for this event, and thank you for the link!
You blooming lovely soul.
Big thanks and always the very best thoughts to you all. You're stars o7 Thank you.

I'm Fashoined with the new CG and the old bugs.... again. ¿UD 17? Yes, mantein the old bugs in game one more time. XD
Happy Hallowen for all XD
Regards Commanders o7.
I'm fairly confident that being higher up the table gets better rewards in ... every CG ...
Only the credit rewards, which are insignificant compared to the amount you earn in the course of completing the CG anyway. I literally don't notice my credit balance change after coming 1st in a CG. What gets people playing is achievable goals with something to show for it at the end, like liveries and silly firework launchers and stuff
Nothing for top 75%, 50%, 10%; just for the top 10 sweaty, try-hards who won't be seeing any sunlight until after the CG...
Bit disappointed if I'm honest. Looks like another CG I'll be avoiding because of the poor rewards...
Is it normal for a faction in a war to have to own Ody settlements for there to be ground CZs at all?

Not sure if I've encountered that situation in BGS yet.
Yes - only the settlements owned by a party to the war turn into ground CZs.

It's somewhat unusual in "normal" BGS movement for a faction to own assets (so it can lock for conflict at all) but not own any Odyssey bases, but it does happen.
Gonna point out that Grey Swan Pilots rep should probably be set to hostile like it was with Dark Water during a certain Imperial combat CG once upon a time.

That and why in the world is an Independent faction spawning with Federal ships? Is this intended or a bug because of the other war that's being fought simultaneously?
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