Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.00 is out now

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A 30 year legacy, and more than 2 years of development, and we're thrilled to announce that Elite: Dangerous 1.00 is out now, available for download and play.

Thanks to everyone who played this far - see you in space Commanders.

Ed (and the whole of the Elite: Dangerous development team)

Change log for those updating from Gamma:

- Prevent missions softlocks when switching servers from A->B->A without disconnecting from A
- Check if we should use the neutron star's version of the bolometric luminosity first to prevent soft lock
- Avoid crash in creating a location object when it hits a rare window
- Sky box view distance altered to reduce memory usage in highly populated regions
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YAY! that was an awesome ride in the past 2 years. looking forward to the next 2 (despite the 30 yr waiting time lol)

Thank you, FDevs!
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You could have kept it quiet for a little longer. Got to about 80% download, thought it was all sorted then... 0MB /s

Seriously though, fantastic work by the team getting to this point, it's been a great ride so far and is only going to get better.


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Thanks for all the hard work guys.

A very well done to everyone at FD and all those who helped shape the game. :D
Are they going to hide the "Elite Dangerous v1.0.0.0" in bottom left corner... this is a full release.. we dont need to see the ver number in the game screen...
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