Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.01 change log

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Hi everyone,

Day 2 of Elite: Dangerous being out there in the real world, and we already have a little update for you all. See the full change log below:

  • Removed "Elite: Dangerous" version text
  • Fix one cause of infrequent disconnections during hyperspace when server load is high
  • Fix an infrequent system map crash related to data associated with specific systems
  • Fix some debug strings being shown in slave-related mission descriptions
  • Fix some ambiguous galaxy data in a small number of regions
  • Fix two different very rare networking crashes
  • Diagnostics to help track down one cause of disconnections following server island migration
  • Diagnostics to help understand some graphics memory allocation failures
  • Diagnostics to help track down systems with possibly inconsistent minor faction data
  • Diagnostics to help understand if some bounties aren't being awarded

Edit: Server change to reset players with excessive negative rep with major factions so that they are no longer shoot on sight

Hope everyone's enjoying the game - thank you so much for playing! The development team are still hard at work, and appreciate every tiny bit of feedback seen on the forums. Thanks again.
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Oh my God... I self-destructed yesterday as I was stuck on my way outwards the Galaxy and couldn't jump anywhere because of the transaction server errors...
I knew I should've waited one more day and this would get addressed. Why am I so impatient :(

Good job, FD Team, yet again: you are absolute stars! Thank you for addressing these issues so quickly.
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