Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.03

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Will there ever be a fix for the glitchy NPCs around stations? :(

They still get stuck and seem to hyperspace off the landing pads as you arrive (you can see hyperspace trails and flashes as you approach).
Added control bindings icons for some of the most popular control devices

Not sure what that means

Does it mean we can say bind request docking to a button now or if we have a HOTAS by say, Thrustmaster it shown a picture of it when selected as a control method?

I hope its the first one!
Great news especially after i chiseled away at a drop ship last night for 12 minutes to have
the poaching police nab the last shot and the kill. Especially annoying when they message
you saying "thank you for your co-operation" .... :)

top job on the launch a week to be proud of I hope santa is good to you all !
Does this mean the mission to find and assassinate Maelstrom is finally fixed ??
What makes you think that? Been waiting for this fix for ages. No Dropship for me by the looks of it until they do. By the time it is fixed I will have moved on to an Orca. You could always try the impossible Empire rep grind, where they constantly request you to purchase goods that are illegal in the handing in stations. Rep=1 step forward each successful smuggle and 10 steps back for getting caught. No clipper either for me.
Love the Bounty Update. :)
Everything else i've had no issues with so i guess thats good or i havent explore that aspect yet.

Anyhow, keep up the awesome work and updates comming guys! :)
The removal of orbital lines are going to please so many people, I actually like them when helping align my approach to a station so I come out of SC in line with the docking bay, but for aesthetic reasons I can really see the value of this, think you FD!
How incredible it is to come back here each day and see regular updates to the game, especially so close to the holidays.

I have to say though, it's quite disappointing that whenever an update is released the amount of posts that follow "what about this, what about that, you didn't fix this". You can bet your freagle that FD have a HUGE list of things to work through and are prioritising that work accordingly.

I think it's quite clear in the patch notes what has been updated / added. Let's be grateful for what we've been given eh?
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