Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.3.01 incoming

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Skytrix: try the new bounty hunting. Just shooting at constantly spawning enemies at RES sites was silly, they replaced it with better bounty hunt mechanisms.

You mean, finding strong signal sources on SC? I do feel bored of RES hunting for a while, and now what i do is getting into SC, look around for SSS (often get 2 groups of pirates (2 wings with 5+ members) fighting each other), USS (your normal "drop your cargo" pirate/s) or WSS (things to smuggle, and no, no SAP 8 containers). Better yet if i look around in anarchy system, SSS sometime gives Condas...yeah, more than 1 Conda in 1 SSS, and no, not even 1 system security.

*almost got sandwiched by lasers-totting-missiles-barfing wing of 2 Condas 1 Federal Dropship once... >.>
what new bounty hunting?

He was refering to those missions that have you buy a FD interdictor, and each time you interdict with your python you will have to pay 113957cr as you lose a 1%, but the mission for killing 10 pirates pays 354000cr so you making a lose of almost 650.000cr for taking the mission.

I went back to a Cobra but the missions (as I know me) will not keep me long in this game. I already got bored after looking at the new game mechanics, and the broken PowderPray. It has become a huge grind now.

A grind, and no reward, you will have to go back into a small ship to:

1) have a challenge
2) not pay insane repair prices

I played after patch and yes the mission payout is fixed, the other stuff is not, what I hoped for in PP that kept me going is disapointing to say the least.... I will wait for 1.9 (yes one dot nine) and maybe come back then if the servers are still up.
i worked hard for reputation with the empire (more than 80 missions) all on "high", and i get 0 promotion mission

every empire stations i visit are green, i really don't know what i could do more (i'm still unranked)

I'm in exactly the same boat. Does this sound familar?
Happily grinding naval rank and reach Knight just before 1.3 major patch - Can't wait!
1.3 Arrives, after doing dozens of missions, still no naval ones. FD are aware of this so issue a minor patch - Cant wait!
After the first minor patch, nothing has changed and wasted another few hours ranking up sideways. Off to the forums again and this time even some moderators were having issues with ranks and confirmed a mini rank rollback and resetting some reputation values - Really can't wait this time!
This patch was different, I saw results immediately. Empire Neutral became Friendly so I stuck with it for a few hours and now most systems are Allied now.

I don't think they have a clue what's going on and have probably overcomplicated the ranking programming. The reputation value is most likely accumulative but something is reducing current missions value probably by way of penalty which hasn't or can't be reset.
I am dissapointed....what was fixed? ranking?

As i was pledge in Powerplay no Rank up Mission came. I decided to unpledge. First Station in Federation i landed after i unpledged gave me a rank up mission from Ensign to Lieutenant. It was told to fly 34 Animal Monitors to the Station. I went off to get them, brought some Non Lethal Weapons with me.

First i couldnt give the animal monitors to end the mission till i cleared the weapons and sold them.
Than i was still Ensign as i could accomplish the mission.
Best is after that all, a mission showed up that provide me rank me to Cadet after accomplishment.

Devteam, what you think about players that encounter such stuff? Are they happy? Are they telling their friends to play the game? No they dont. :-( :-(
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