Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.3 - Powerplay Changelog

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Hello everyone,

Here are the list of changes going in to Elite: Dangerous 1.3 Powerplay

Elite: Dangerous 1.3

- Fix non canopy breach crash in Diamondback Explorer
- Fix incorrect archetype name to prevent crash in supercruise
- Added per cycle bonus credits for Powerplay
- Added per transaction bonus credits for Powerplay
- Fixed Diamondback Explorer and Imperial Courier repair prices
- Fixed missing Diamondback Explorer loading screen model
- Prepare candidates are now sorted locally to take updated systems into account
- Don’t destroy the drones if they lose the thing they are attached to
- Create mission messengers around more suitable bodies
- Added alternate assassination targets to the pilot substitution
- Added Powerplay character images
- Fix shipyard GUI to fit new ship names
- Add message to rank up to indicate powerplay is now available
- A bunch of text fixes

Server side fixes:

- Fix various power rank benefits and system effects
- Adjusted power defection times
- Award credits when completing powerplay actions
- Award bonus payments to players pledged to powers at the end of a cycle
- Fix certain repair costs
- Failed preparations incur a CC cost
- Fix CC balance when systems entered turmoil at the start of a cycle

Beta 8

- Fixed a crash with trade vouchers, this change should fix a similar crash with bounty vouchers
- Avoid crashing if we try to open the system map before the system request has completed
- Don't crash if the missions file we've loaded hasn't got an archetype specified
- Fix maths error when entering station services
- Players without at least a rank 2 in any of the elite ranks are not allowed to pledge
- Added correct Military Rank Mission target to player events and Supercruise
- Fix missing Diamondback Explorer loading screen model
- Enable new newsfeed
- Added images for news items
- Lowered the percentage chance of power ships choosing to interdict
- Upped the value of total global bounty needed to make Bounty Hunters attack after a KW scan
- Drastically upped the total global bounty needed to cause a hitman to stalk the player
- AFM can now repair the tiny hardpoint shield booster
- Reduce chance of pirates/bounty hunters interdicting the player in anarchy systems when the player is low ranked
- Various fixes to get founder decal working
- When searching for a partial name match in the galaxy, sort the results before retuning
- Blacklisted systems are now hidden in the galaxy map power view
- Items shown for livery slots should always be sorted alphabetically in outfitting

And the serverside changes:

- Completing trade missions will advance trade rank
- Modules sell for the full price paid for them
- Fix for rearming repair modules

Beta 7

New content
- New ship: Diamondback Explorer (read more about this, and see an image by clicking here)

- Fix for collector limpets expiring prematurely
- Fix for Smuggle and Delivery missions awarding 0 credits for missions within the same system
- Fix for error when plotting routes in galaxy map
- Fixed some general typos and missing text
- Limpet hatch breaker ammo displays correctly on the ship UI
- Fix for assassin targets changing ship types
- Fixed some incorrect action types for systems on the Power details screen
- Fixed hole on Diamondback loading screen model
- Fix for AI disappearing from Supercruise (emergency drop, but not leaving a FSD wake)
- Fixed missing Diamondback landing gear SFX
- Tweaked throttle use for AI docking and Docking computer
- Fix for docking computer not functioning correctly at times
- Fix for black hole rendering when using Oculus Rift
- Fix for softlock when exiting hyperspace
- Updated expansion/control progress bars on Power detail screens
- Enable Galnet access from Galactic Powers hub

Server log
- Removed global news from the stations' local newsfeed
- Fix for delivering power play commodities
- Fix preparation affordability check

Known issues
- Certain power play rank benefits and system effects may be incorrect
- Galnet news feed is empty

Beta 6

- NPC messengers no longer spawn too close to the player
- Fix for AI docking and docking computer – obstacle avoidance is not enabled on the station approach and flying to holding position
- Fix for Courier engine trails not shutting off when they are suppose to
- Added ability to fit fuel tanks to internal compartments on the Anaconda
- Removed the ‘Disable UI camera lock-on’ from the graphics option screen
- Clicking ‘show headquarters’ in galaxy map now focuses the camera on the HQ
- Fix for visual quality issues when using Oculus Rift
- Imperial style pilot seat for the Courier
- Slightly increase spawn rate for NPC messengers in Supercruise
- Fixed wreckage causing extreme damage when collided
- Increased the following SC hunter and target values to make them more likely to interact with the players
- Updated system upkeep cost
- Bounty hunters will only attack (or interdict) if the target has a local bounty, unless the global bounty is greater than bountyValueToIgnoreThreat
- Fix for mission releated cargo staying in ships hold after completing mission
- Collector drones that scan for targets should now discount targets fired from the same ship but a different control unit
- Drones should no longer be destroyed if they collide with other drones, or scoop-able objects, no matter what sort of drone they are
- Federation and Empire rank assassination mission targets now spawn in Supercruise
- Fix for reoccurring fine after being paid off
- Assassination mission targets now appear in USS
- Fix problem where NPCs couldn’t interdict player (missing interdictor module in loadout)
- Fix for missing Enforcer Cannon has reload SFX
- Fix for hover sound in Power play being too loud when using headphones and night time mode
- Fix for SFX issues on Courier while changing flight direction
- Boost Courier engine SFX in the mix
- Fixes for Starports changing type

Server log:
- - Added repair discounts for Founders and Commander with high faction reputation or an Elite rank
- - Added the remaining Powerplay effects for Controlled and Exploited systems (Blackmarkets, Outfitting, Shipyard, Commodity Markets, System security level)
- - Fix some prepared systems being overlooked when selecting expansion candidates
- - Fix so vouchers no longer remain after a Commander's ship is destroyed
- - Remove some duplicated system names when displaying a Powerplay action that affects more than one star system
- - Fix for paying off some legacy fines

Known Issue:
- Attempting to complete a single Powerplay action that uses cargo commodities to affect more than one system at once will not work. Cargo that affects a single system in a single action should still work fine.

Beta 5

Crash fixes:
- Fix cases where RouteGeometryInstance could crash if locking the instance buffer fails (OSX specific)
- Fix for when glGenBuffers() fails (OSX specific)
- Fix for occasional crash when in the Galaxy map and using the Powerplay view
- Fix very rare crash found in busy network sessions
- Fix for a crash when using limpets

- Prevent supercruise music playing over Galactic Powers screen when viewing in supercruise
- Shield Cells now usable in supercruise
- Balanced another stat that effects heat build up in the Courier
- Ignore request from UI to redeem all trade vouchers if you don't have any vouchers to redeem
- Tweaked the transition between Galaxy Map and Powerplay music
- Fix for Smuggle branches (text)
- Fix for Courier landing gear doors being closed even when gear is deployed
- Text fix for mining mission rewards
- Fix an over-speed exploit that would let people maintain maximum boost speed indefinitely in flight assist off using transverse thrust
- Fix regularly reported turret issues where a turret pushed up to maximum confusion becomes useless
- Fix for final destination lock being lost whenever player targets anything other than a celestial object
- Fixed Diamondback outfitting camera angles
- Fix for Diamondback landing gear not fully extending when deployed
- Fixes for Diamondback hitcheck, decal slot 2 and 3, and lens flare orientation
- Added slave mission variants
- Fixed Diamondback jump flare positions
- Added more chatter lines for hunter NPCs in Supercruise
- Fix for mission text inconsistencies
- Fixed typos and spelling mistakes
- Fix for Merit value not updating after delivering cargo/claiming a voucher
- Fixed camera zoom when focused on comms panel in Courier

Beta 4

Client Changes:

- Fix for shut down crash
- Network stability fix
- Fix error opening system map
- Bounty timers are proportional to the size of the bounty
- NPC Ships in a wing stop moving after the biggest ship is destroyed fixed
- fix for suicide-sideys making people wanted and add some extra logging in case more cases appear
- Show by Population "Min" slider is not having any effect - min value is no longer clamped and now systems below the min population are hidden
- Fixed off by 1 error in the defect popup
- Fixed undermined upkeep cost calculation
- Unable to recentre display using DK2 fixed
- Upping the rewards given on civil war scenarios
- When NPCs are given a "local bounty", there's a chance it'll be with the major faction rather than the minor faction
- Upped the interdiction chance on powerplay assassins and pirates to 60%
- Upped security ships chance to 40% (as they are not so much about interceptions)
- Stop gimbaled weapons being eager little beavers wiggling around when they've no target
- Do not draw motion lines when the location rendering is suppressed (such as in Powerplay screen)
- Fix some odd shield behaviour where it wouldn't change its "is broken" flag in supercruise
- Powerplay details screen fixes
- Missions now using correct Hitman profile
- Capital ships now engage hostile AI ships or the player if the player has chosen a hostile faction
- Changed hand-in contracts to Cargo Required so they check you have the cargo
- Mining mission template fixes - Improved tests in Smuggle delivery (Slaves are no longer food)
- Added graphic for Imperial Courier on the contacts panel
- Control details page now displays base upkeep instead of current upkeep
- Wing UI now shows shields when the wingship is in Supercruise or Hyperspace
- Audio: Add bubble expand audio events for power play galaxy view to the tree different modes
- Audio: Make sure we only send ship voice events about drones attaching to ships if the drone is our own or the drone is clamping to our ship
- Audio: Only send through "Under Attack" and temperature warning ship voice events through to player cockpit and suppress all others if they are in the Galactic Network screen
- Audoo: Fixed power play details audio when transitioning back from galaxy map
- Diamondback is now the Diamondback Scout
- Fixed holes in loading screen model and shipyard model - Diamondback
- Preparation value cannot be seen due to system name being too long fixed
- Added schematics for Diamondback ship
- Fixed holes in loading screen model and shipyard model - Empire_courier
- Stop Powerplay screens being available in tutorials
- Fix overlapping icon/rating on outfitting ship loadout item UI
- Translations for missions added (French, German, Russian)
- Mission text fixes
- UI text fixes

Server Changes:

- Always award powerplay vouchers when destroying NPC trade ships, regardless of any difference in combat skills
- Some neutral systems are now excluded from powerplay
- Fix clearing save games
- Grant more powerplay vouchers when destroying powerplay NPCs outside of a conflict zone

There is a change to the bounty system in this build:

Another new change is coming to the Powerplay beta to how the bounties system works. The length of time bounties are active will scale according to the level of the bounty. So at the bottom end – an assault charge, for example – you would receive a bounty, but the time it remains active will be quite low, say 15 minutes. For more serious crimes the time will increase according to the value of the bounty, so at 1,000 credits it’s a day and up to a cap of seven days for bounties of 7,000 credits or higher. The active time will increase if you commit further crimes, so committing numerous assault crimes will increase the bounty value and the time that it is active. We think this will provide better proportionality for crimes that are committed

Beta 3

- Crash fix for drones having destroyed parent ships
- Fix some ship loadouts causing crashes
- Don't fire beams if a ship is not ready to prevent a crash
- Fix crash caused by improper wakes
- Fix render crash in Powerplay map
- Prevent crash and corrupt save with equipping multiple refineries
- Avoid a crash when saving without a ship state
- Fix low level crash in outfitting
- Increased the Courier's ability to dissipate heat so that it runs a bit cooler and thus can scoop around more stars safely than before
- Use the major faction (in addition to the existing test on the minor faction) when determining if a player is friendly enough with a faction to take a mission
- Audio: Stop ship voice events coming through when the player is in the outfitting screen
- When Options are Cleared and Game Restarts in Fullscreen Mode the Mouse is locked in the Centre of the Screen fixed
- System popup disappears too quickly when hovering on system in galaxy map fixed - small delay added to close event
- Added string substitutions for the abandon and alternate factions in salvage missions
- Minor fixes to mining mission template
- Changed hand-in contracts to Cargo Required so they check you have the cargo
- Reduce spawn rate of elite/founder missions
- Make delivery missions remove correct amount of cargo
- Reward pass on Elite/Founder Missions
- Massacre Conflict target #'s now scale
- State effects added to Piracy Missions
- Make mission times all use the same value
- Remove random elements from scaling stage of some mission reward generators
- Shooting a ship that is aligned to the same Power OR Major Faction as you results in a Power Rank penalty
- Fixed manoeuvrability stats for ships that needed them
- Fixed incorrect radiator stats for Empire Courier
- Add power play details - System Map
- Fix incorrect calculation of contested systems
- Powers on the galaxy map are only rendering on one lens when using the Oculus Rift
- Fix a bug where the incorrect item was being selected from the repairs list
- Fix "against" powerplay actions not updating cached progress values
- Make sure that repair costs are calculated correctly
- Player allied with opposing Power didn't get bounty when firing on a player allied with system's power
- Don't give every mission spawner a better than desired chance of spawning
- Audio: Suppress cargo scoop deployed and retracted ship voice events during drone programming and firing
- Audio: fixed power play bubble audio events not being posted
- Add "Added to bounty" at the end of the "fine gained" message if the player already has a bounty (or dormant bounty)
- "Fixed Weapon" icon for the Advanced Plasma Accelerator is not aligned correctly fixed
- Audio: Fixed some issues with Landing Area animations
- Galaxy Map does not remember selected filter fixed
- Diamondback not resting on landing pad but hovering above it fixed
- Adjusted hitcheck on courier so it can scoop cargo
- On returning to the Preparation menu for Power player after using the View on Map function you are NOT returned to the system you were previously viewing fixed
- Rebalanced damage values to make the Cytoscrambler more useful
- Doubled the combat bond amounts for standard combat zones. Now 4000cr instead of 2000cr
- Fixed an issue where all scroll panes in the Power Details UI would seemingly ignore the first 3-4 DPAD up/down button inputs
- Edited Courier's gear animation to fit design when deployed
- Increased the heat values to something appropriate given the decreased fire rate of the Pulse Disrupter
- Fix a stack of missing mission text
- Fix a stack of GUI text issues

Server-side changelog:

- Decreased rate of reputation decay

New Content/Features:

Powerplay added
Power map views added to galaxy map
Added power information and action screens
Power specific ship modules added
Power specific ambient traffic added
Spawn AI to hunt player if they defect
Power specific goods and actions added

Playable ship Imperial Courier added
Playable ship Diamondback added
Cargo/Mining chunk collection drones added
Fuel transfer drones added
Prospector drones added
Mission system overhaul
Inbox integration for branching missions
Missions scaling up based on rank
Missions scaling up based on reputation with mission giver
Mission targets can be generated in supercruise rather than USSs
Spawned AI difficulty determined by mission (if spawned by mission)
Missions requiring only mineable materials added
Revamped military progression missions
Added Founders and Elite ranked missions
More mission variants added
Chatter tables updated

Updated bounty system
Bounties cannot be paid off (Pilot's Fed contact is gone!), but expire after 7 days.
Major factions don't record crimes anymore, only minor factions. (You may have major faction stuff in your saves left over from the previous system).
Fines now take 7 days to expire, but never coexist with bounties (bounties absorb fines and dormant bounties with the same faction).
Expiry only actually happens when you login, hyperspace or resurrect. (This stops cases of "I attacked a wanted ship that had no bounty a few seconds ago")
Friendly fire values relaxed

Add select nav target functionality to system map
Add mining bonus for mining operations within extraction sites
Added Painite as a minable commodity
Added osmium as a minable commodity
Added low and high intensity resource extraction site scenarios
Loan ceiling scales based on player's highest Elite rank
Founder decal now gold
Added crimes for reckless flying (collisions) within starport no fire zones:
Shields only collisions above speed limit is a fine
Hull damage only above speed limit is a larger fine
Ship destruction within short window after collision above speed limit is a bounty
Respects 'Report crimes against me' setting

Allow any general purpose slot on any ship to contain a fuel tank module
Show progress to next PF rank
NPC chatter works in supercruise
Added rank up messages and animations to inbox

Stability Fixes:

Fix crash when entering icy rings as they have no possible minerals
Fix possible stability issue with AI entering resource extraction sites
Fix access violation when interdicting NPCs
Fix crash when taking high res screen shots with super sampling turned on
Don't try and transfer group leadership for player-owned groups
Fix a crash in keyboard helper when it is unable to find a keyboard locale
Fix for skybox render crash on exit
Fix for memory crash in system map
Fix a crash in the system generation
Fix rank-restricted ships being purchasable and causing server errors
Fix for streaming crash on shut down
Fix server error entering some empty systems
Prevent Module Data Gather crashing when setting modules while looking at the fire groups tab
Fix for invalid shield value in network traffic
Fix ships setting their faction to the non-existent "Anarchy" faction when there aren't any factions around
Fix AI crash in combat zone
[OSX] Fix memory allocation crash
Don't kill the server if we have a hash collision on system name
Fix issue with low level maths during ship docking
OSX: Don't crash if an attached joystick has an invalid product ID
OSX: Fix crash if memory allocation fails
OSX: Fix for various crashes on launch associated with some keyboards and locales

General Tweaks/Fixes

Fix ring scaling on stars in system map
Made the streaks on the Cobra windscreen less noticeable, but more balanced
When we're clearing bounties and resetting hostility states, make sure we do it on remote authorities as well.
Searching for 'PAND' in the galaxy map brings up 'PANDAMONIUM' as the first result fixed
Galaxy map camera now caches its current position for retrieval on returning to the galaxy map
Fix planet popping on approach
Replaced the mute button mode (toggle/hold) with a bespoke option which allows for toggle, push to talk and push to mute modes
Enabling wing beacon enables voice comms fixed
Stop the system info popup preventing clicking the system itself
The minimum value of the lighting curves for stars has been altered so that it scales from a universal base value with star temperature
Moved the UI camera lock on option to the input options screen, to hopefully make it more visible
Updated all resource extraction scenario CSM's to heavily reduce the number of NPC's
Fix missing black hole effect in certain systems - such as Phua Aub SO-Z
Make trade voucher redemption menu options consistent with bounty vouchers - separate menu items for each, and local factions only
Fix police ships spawning at lawless mining scenarios
Reset current target contact when pressing the "select next route system" key
Fix Shield Bank Module not filling properly; this lead to a missing cell when using "reload all" option in station services
Fix to Render order problem with section of Adder cockpit
Changed WING RANGE to EXCEEDS WING for nav panel system buttons
Fix some new modules the wrong amount of ammo (e.g. Shield Cell Banks)
Rebalanced mass lock values across all ships to fix various inconsistencies and also ensured ships overheat when self destructing
Population data inconsistencies between galaxy and system map fixed Belt information are now displayed for stars in the system map
Fix surprise non-zero throttle after pre-flight checks (unless you're using the throttle axis binding)
Toxic corrosive damage from carried cargo now ignores broken modules
Fixed the Fer-de-Lance clipped inside landing pad
Prevent sleeping cargo canisters from penetrating asteroids
One suspected cause for driver micro-stutters addressed
Weapon lighting optimisations
Lighting overdraw optimisations to ship exteriors
Lighting overdraw optimisations to ship cockpits
Lighting overdraw optimisations to landing pads
Fix radiators being damaged and broken by corrosive cargo when nothing else could touch them
Self destruct and Reboot/repair are not shown in the functions tab when in supercruise
Headlook disabled during panel focus fixed
Transaction pane now matches entries using both the id and the type, so the focus no longer jumps to a different section when it updates
When nav lock auto jump fails and suppresses a warning, also suppress the audio for the notification
Default ships to not being full-members of factions - only police/military should be full members. Escorts/wingmen will get the full-member status of their lead
Give escorts/wingmen a default generic escort chatter table rather than the same as their lead
Make AIs respect the FSD cooldown timer, the same as the long timer for players (as NPCs never submit)
Fix incorrect orbital period for Pluto
Move Castellan Station away from Lave 2 to prevent people not being able to supercruise away
AI not subject to heat targeting mechanic in same way as players fixed
Make SSAO respond to being toggled in the options menu
Docking computer not working at outposts fixed
AI ships experiencing difficulty leaving Orbis starport interior fixed
Docking computer gives wrong setting fixed
Removed extra radius added to the 'am I close enough to dock' maths so the distance on the GUI matches the distance required to allow a successful docking request
Fix problem of Outfitting showing the incorrect maximum ammo for Shield Cell Banks
Disable vignette effect for debug fly camera
Fix typos in Leestian Evil Juice description
Update to pirate scanning behaviour. Always scan, whatever the threat value, but potentially block attacking because of threat
Updated station ad screens
NPC bounty hunter scanning update: New chatter triggers added. Added new behaviour: if target is scanned, found to have a bounty below the minimum (but non-zero), warned, then later scanned again, it will then be attacked
Make sure we spend fuel when we hyperspace, even if disconnect before the save-on-arrival
Adjusted military archetypes in war zones, to distinguish them a bit more from lockdowns and the subsequent blockade. Won't interdict clean ships in war, as they are too busy fighting a war to do that
Made the stars and planets wait until they are ready to render, this will fix planets showing up as white for a short time after entering the game
When police scans a wanted target that has a very high threat score, previously it would ignore it; now it starts attacking, says a chatter line, and calls reinforcements
Wing beacon is turning off or timing out and not updating the GUI fixed
When the player equips a module and their ship has insufficient power - we should warn them about power management
Fix no distinction between dormant and active bounties in the transactions panel
Fix throttle going to full when hyperspacing from normal space with FAOff and without using the throttle axis
Interdictions do 10% of the damage of a normal emergency drop
Chance that NPC escorts won't flee but stay and fight
Fix for Commuters having a crazy high chance to flee when their hull got to about 50%
Improved and highly optimised Hangar lighting
Visual improvements, rebalancing and optimisation to hangar particle effects
Fixed typo in basic discovery scanner description
Fix typos in water giant description
Fix spelling for Luyten 347-14 system permit
Remove extraneous space in class M star description
Fix incorrect starting explorer description
Remove unneeded secondary economy from Auta Isuang
Jovian texture replaced wrong default terrestrial texture, schematic height params for this planet type slightly raised for better definition
Fix turrets set to Target Only deciding to fire when you're in the hangar
Adjusted the height of the flood lights around the large landing pad (raised them up by 5 metres) so that they interfere less with the Chat panel in the GUI
Give turret mounts the ability to track 5 degrees down past horizontal, to help ships like the python be able to actually hit small ships in front of it
Friendly fire rules should apply to player Vs player, not just AI
Fix NPCs not giving themselves local bounties
Added ampersand character to text rendering on starports
Don't allow NPC's to jump if they have 0% hull
Prevent docking after the police 'notice' that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station
The contents of an asteroid are now deterministic again, and will be the same every time a players logs in and for every player
A history of mined asteroids is stored per player on the web server. If a player tries to mine a previously mined asteroid, they get nothing
Asteroids can now contain up to 3 minerals, chunks still contain 2 minerals
Fix typo in star class L description
Don't go through the process of choosing a new group leader if when the leader dies we aren't the authority, as this will be an authority transfer rather than the leader dying
When a ship is dying and we're setting its behaviour to "Just hit me", we only need to set this as the current behaviour, not the default state
Fix repeat exploration scans cancelling previous scans
Outpost hangars now have new and improved lighting
Rich hangars and inner dock now have new and improved lighting
Fix underside of flood light poking through a hangar and a texture issue on a LOD in the Rich Station interior
Fix police defending wanted ships in their own faction
Thickened up the fine strut detail on the Solar Array LODs which was causing a lot of aliasing as much of the geometry could become sub-pixel at distance. This seems to have improved render quality somewhat, especially in the mid-range LODs
Fix the test that zeroed throttle when docked to only zero when docking state *changes* - allows the throttle to work when using accumulated controls during a pre-flight check
Don't show a ship's health bar if the schematic is showing a subsystem/module
Fixed the decal cameras for the Imperial Clipper
Make sure that an NPC appears after an interdiction if it has been interdicted by more than one player
Make sure that the lead ship wouldn't always head for the wake to drop out into the interdiction
Fix alignment issues with tiny and medium hardpoints, and also splits the doors into separate CSM files so that they can open independently
Fix rings becoming invisible when entering or exiting supercruise
Docking computer resets timer back to 10:00 fixed
Docking computer cannot land the ship if the player resumes control after the docking computer has piloted the ship inside the station fixed
Eagle interior cockpit now has texture
Fix for Asp landing gear not locking down
Improve Vulture LODs
Fix landing gear for Type 6
Fix landing gear for Type 7
Fixed shadow sharpness on cockpits
Fed Dropship Lowest LOD fix
Add a 'Hostile' sign in the same place as the 'Wanted' sign to indicate when the police will attack the player due to bad reputation
Add a missing check that meant mines were being targeted even if there was a better target around
Added rank progress bars
Decal pass for Mercenary paintjobs
Chaff now affects turrets and gimbals by the same amount
Improvements to engine effects overhaul
Improved the appearance of the Hauler drive effects
Stop Spinning AI Ships in Supercruise
AI will try to avoid crossing a player's firing line
Optimisation for partial name search in galaxy map
Fixed hole in Adder cockpit geometry
Pilot and chair added to external cockpits
Reduced range of Medium Empire thrusters light so it doesn't illuminate the Empire Courier's cockpit
Cap bounties to 10 million per jurisdiction - fines remain unlimited
Fixed Asp Gun Barrel Clipping in Outfitting
Inconsistency in the Class Y dwarf stars description fixed
Minor Typos in the Lakon Type-9 Heavy ship text description fixed
Fixed some mixed up commodity labels in French
Fix broken non-breaking spaces in French
Make sure that the gunsights system has sensible start values to prevent odd jumping
Fix a few cases of people with old weapon loadouts being unable to fire
On the galaxy map, "Plan Route" should be "Route Planen" in German
FSD cool-down timer should read "FSA-ABKÜHLZEIT" in German
When receiving machine details in response to wing/invite, try to connect to the machine - fix for some invites not getting through
Various translation fixes
Altered flicker on light to be more subtle in Fer-de-Lance cockpit
Shields persist in supercruise
Fixed not being able to supercruise through a completely invisible ring
Steadily loosen rank limits on supercruise interdiction as security decreases
Allow players to adjust their power pips in Supercruise
Make every capacitor recharge at max rate while docked, since station UI can steal the power controls, leaving players without any sys energy to bring their shield back up
Station entrance VFX optimisations
Don't skip the long shield recharge delay on location transition if your shield were at 0 health
Fix 2.5s hyperspace transition time when jumping from Supercruise
Don't duplicate ships when following a wake
Landing gears are initialised 'down' if you start docked, instead of starting 'up' and immediately deploying
New take on chaff effect, visible from greater distances
Encourage mining chunks to float away from asteroids, not inside them. Also push them out along that direction a little when spawning to help prevent fast moving asteroids from rotating through the new chunks
When weapons have a shot blocked and fail to fire, no longer drain weapon power spuriously
Adjusted some hitcheck were it may be possible to ram your way through a wall in the Coriolis station due to an acute angle in the mesh
Transactions panel will now update the vouchers if they change while it's open
When firing at a moving target turrets confusion is affected by distance so that turrets are more easily confused by sharp manoeuvres at short range than long
Confusion is based on the acceleration of the target in both absolute space and relative to the firer
Rather than Wobbling when the gun gets confused, turrets now tend to lag behind their target instead.
Fix for cartography data being fetched but requested in the previous page refresh
Shipyard now accounts for fitted modules in the Shields and Armour values
Prevent cap ship fighters spawning on top of each other
Only apply capital ship exclusion zone to player ships
Don't say "Warning! Landing gear" when approaching a landing pad if your gears are currently deploying
Class 2 Seeker missiles sometimes fire backwards in a Python fixed
Tweaked ammo amounts for multicannon and rail gun.
When targeting a Point of Interest, show the second detail as the name of the body it's around rather than the type of body. Also show minor faction names instead of major faction
Fix for weapons that fire atomic bursts - rather than draining energy per shot, the energy for the whole burst is drained up-front to prevent the burst getting oddly straddled over time if you're low on power
Added support for warming up shaders - a likely issue causing the big stalls approaching planets
Added better description to highlight the technical limitation of the kill warrant scanner
Fix clothing and consumer technology being the wrong way round in Russian
Speculative fix for Achenar star description is missing in German version
Medium pulse turret stopping aiming fixed
Stop AI ships jumping with a destroyed Frame Shift Drive
Shorten some French strings to fit on the gauge panel better
Fixed incorrect permit ID for Phekda that was causing it to appear as a debug
Update to the Police Hivemind numbers, slight rebalance to minimum delay, max strength and max bounty numbers
Balance pass on SC hunter/target chatter distances
Added alternative mapping for CH combat stick
Fix some inconsistencies in ship vs. environment collisions
Increase persistence for NPCs that are hunting player ships for various readings - this means they are more likely to chase for longer and not so easily thrown off the scent
The new collision crime now checks both ships in the collision; if either has Report Crimes set to true then it'll issue a bounty to both.
Adjusted weapon impacts to reduce spin craziness
Fix to part of Type 9 cockpit which stuck out so far it could be seen rendering through external hull
Fixed a problem where in menus players could choose to play in a private group which they weren't yet members of
The forth user who joins the wing will appear as 'In the menu' to the third user despite being in game fixed
Redesigned control scheme based on suggested scheme found on the forums for Warthog controls
"Prism as One" faction has no description fixed - along with any other Imperial cooperative factions
Fixed some errors in the Imperial Slaves commodity description
Fix spelling for CS Camelopardalis
Mines now do both thermic and explosive damage
Dead NPCs no longer taunt from beyond the grave
Stop NPCs jumping if they are about to die
If stellar surface tessellation fails then make sure we try again on the next frame
Prevent immediately restarting an interdiction tether when an interdiction succeeds
Don't show multiple locations for mission stations in the galaxy map
Further changes to how people manage turrets:
Turrets not in a firegroup won't do anything.
Turrets in Fire at Will cannot commit Assault.
Turrets in Fire at Will won't fire at illegal targets.
Target Only is now a manual/latched fire mode, and can be used on illegal targets.
Fix a non-deterministic 1-frame lag in weapons fire.
Remove the crime exception for point defence guns as they're now covered under the above rules.

Fixed missing mass value for Type 9 reactive armour
Add consumed by and produced by information to Chemical Waste
Improved model culling with stations
Orerve description states system is a planet fixed
Fixed some incorrect Russian words
Improve reconnect handling if a connection to the game server fails
Try not to spawn players inside asteroid belts and more specifically not inside asteroids
Russian translation for 'Jettison All Cargo' fixed
Network optimisations for copying game objects
OSX: enable [Cmd]+[V] to be used to paste text (as [Ctrl]+[V] is used on Windows)
OSX: Fixed the broken planet rings on OSX caused by mips not being generated correctly
Police ships shouldn't ram the player just because they are scanning them
Updates to ring fog system
German language feedback pass integrated
Balance pass on metal types in different ring types
When we are docked, do not allow anything to add wear to our ship
Show whether a black market is present on the station in the system map
Galaxy map popup now always shows who is in charge of a system, regardless of which view is active
OSX: Fix for game window being positioned incorrectly on a secondary monitor arranged to the left of the primary monitor, in OSX System Preferences terms
OSX: Fix for the game thinking that the [Enter] key is still held down after using the [Alt]+[Enter] key combination to switch between windowed and full-screen modes
OSX: Fix for a Core Animation warning on shutdown
Modules can be repaired partially from the repairs screen
Indications to commodity descriptions for their legality (if applicable)
Popup message to go with the inbox message when the player gains a Pilots Federation rank


PowerPlay interface and PowerPlay Galaxy-map audio added.
Diamondback audio.
Empire Courier audio.
PowerPlay reward modules audio added.
Audio for new drone types.
New ship voice lines added.
Added separate GUI blip for when collecting a chunk.
More station announcer voice characters have been added to all factions.
Rank animations audio added.
Deploy and stow on other ships is now audible.
Reduced volume of the gui target hit indicator.
When two weapons of the same type are firing, the volume should no longer increase as much.
Various tweaks to weapons fire so they more or less sound equally loud and don't drown out engines and impacts.
Supercruise engines are improved and have subtle 'judder' when overshooting a planet.
Combat music volume tweaks.
Improved Cobra engines when at a static speed.
Torpedo's explode a little more prominently as befit their esteem.
Fixed several broken Eagle sounds.
Improved looping audio on Hauler.
Improved landing gear audio.
Reduced loud reload on the multi-cannon
Reduced reverb on weapon deploys, to fix oddness in stations.
Allowed impacts caused by own weapons to use a bit of the centre channel.
Tweaks to frame-shift transitions.
Tweaks to NightTime mode and inaudible explosions.
Mix pass on shield SFX for other ships.
Put a slight fade-in on the shield break sounds to make them a wee bit less percussive.
Improved mix on hyperspace tunnel whispers and flybys.
Voice comms mix improvements for better audibility.
Muted unpredictable engine roar on buying a new ship.
Improved the audibility of collision alert sounds.
StellarAmbient/Music in System/GalaxyMap tweaked.
New distance element added for delayed secondary explosions.
Added section to the logo-ident music to transition gracefully between pre-caching of shaders and menu.
Improved lift animations have improved sound also now.
Proximity alarm muted when stationary.
Added a bit more bass to Cannon fire.
The beamlaser had major low end issues when the beam connects to a target which has been fixed (and we could make the non-issued bass louder as a result!)
Added interactive mixing to combat music which responds to how much is going on; fights stay exciting throughout an engagement.
Volume tweak to ambiences in the system map.
Improved cockpit ambiences in Gutamaya and Saud Kruger ships.
Improvements to landing area atmosphere.
Multi-cannon is a little louder and 'clunkier'.
Improved target indicator sound to be less piercing at high volume.
Improved (slightly) Eagle and Vulture sounds.
Improved differentiation of small, medium and large explosions and redistributed these more evenly across ship types.
Improved Explosions so that they remain powerful/satisfying even when further away.
Added sound for when passive scan resolves target as wanted/unwanted.
Added slight delay to ship voice saying "Target Shields Offline" so the shield breaking audio is audible also.
Improvements to deploying/stowing weapons audio.
Light switching on/off is a little clunkier and audible.
Improved audibility on heat alarms.
Reversed the FSD cool-down sound as before it sounded too much like a prelude to a big event.
Improved audibility of mass lock, safe to disengage and speed warning sound.
Improved navigating the system map audio when using mouse.
Improved growl and orientation noises on the Asp, improved boost sound.
Safe to Disengage, Slow Down gui sounds so they are more distinct from each other.
Improved construction hubs; added construction ambiences to the bits that are under construction.
Slightly increased volume of inflicter impacts so they sit better in all mix modes.
Improved station forcefield in night time mode.
Fixed issues with hangar bay mechanical noises and landing gear.
Removed the "warning" from the no cargo voice asset.
Shieldboost and Shields going up/down should be audible on others again.
The explosion when your own ship goes down (booo!) was clipping (double booo!) so now it is at least a nice and clear booo-m!
Fixed sounds being cut out in the GUI when moving quickly over options.
Reinstated missing barrel sound on pulse lasers.
Paintjob audio is audible again.
Fixed missing audio on Beamlaser Turret medium/small.
Fixed some silly clicks on fuelscoop.
Fixed missing front thruster acceleration audio on Orca.
Fixed a bug that removed all bass from cargo pick up sounds.
Fixed missing super-cruise thunder.
Optimized beam impact sounds to reduce memory usage.
Set pulse laser mechanized elements to use different attenuation to help mix it on large ships.
Reverbs use less memory.
Optimisation pass on Black Box flight recorder.
Improved explosion usage of memory.
Reduced length of the Panel loop which saves memory.


Increase mark up when selling illegal goods in black markets
Apply 10% price penalty when selling modules
Increased Vequess' tech level and stocked it with shields
Automatically apply the Sol permit in another situation
Reduced cooldowns on minor faction states: expansion, war, election
Increase minimum tech level required to activate the shipyard and outfitting shops
Reduced the bounty cap to 1 million credits per voucher
Rename some minor factions to make them more unique across the galaxy
Increased outfitting stock levels by 20%
Extremely high and extremely low faction reputations now slowly decay towards less extreme values
Make smuggling profits count towards trade ranks as well as crime ranks

Update: A hot fix for server disconnects is being released in Powerplay 1.3 Beta 2
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Ok, looking forward to the new content and features ... but when can i start do download the patch ? .. Servers still down, but no patchprocess started when calling the launcher
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