Patch Notes Update Elite Dangerous 2.2.03 - Update incoming.

Good stuff about the networking connections - a major pain in the asp when you suddenly drop out of a wing for no reason!

Fly safe
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sweet could someone please for the love of all that is holy tell me what passenger seating allocation outside of mission board is?. I'm assuming it means you can assign passengers without the mission board at a station the same way you would by commodities. Only they would be passengers and be demanding. Anyway please enlighten me.
I think it means you can re-allocate seating of passengers you already have on board, in case you want to downsize your passenger bay or do other outfitting
Thanks dev guys, this update gets me excited, seems like very good and thoughtful balance to make us use "variety" weapon options, also with different ships in the fleet.
The PP non-shooting thing is by far the best, since I just ditched my allignment in order to prevent unwanted attention on a long haul.

Tnak you for your kind work! Cheers, and fly save Dev Commanders!

Working on an Engineer strategy, in the middle of it all and now the blueprints have changed!

Back to the drawing board....
I would like to say "good work FD", but I cannot. Quite a few bugs seem to not have been fixed with this patch again, and I do not want to support such behaviour.

On another note: why are the hull hardness changes for the big three not carried over from beta???
breathe, do something that makes you happy for a while and then come back and read your post again. You should now be able to see how "You not wanting to support such behavior" comes across and realize that you are not dealing with abstract concepts here but rather you are talking to real people.
you beauty!
i just pulled in last night at broos pad with my mats for rapide fire before realising i needed to go and get the commodities. I then chose to call it a night.

great stuff.
Great work Fdev, some lovely changes.

1 question :

Shields : No mention of booster diminishing returns? has this been scrapped (I hope so)
Power skimmed the thread :p

After i looked for the 3rd time i saw it :p

I guess it's my brain, shaken by hyperjump interdicting flowers!!
" Fixed an incorrectly set boolean preventing multiple rewards from a single success point"

will this eliminate all mission stacking? i.e. 2 CZ massacres, each kill only counts towards one of them rather than both?
Ah it seems you are spoiling us Meister Ambassadore!


I may have missed it - but have blueprints changed to no longer need commodities (or whatever the decision was)? Or has it been left as is?

Find out in a few hours I think ...
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Apologies for my previous outburst - actually very excited about this. In particular ...

- Added a new mission type for investigating the ancient ruins
- Fix data message IDs at all ancient sites for the associated mission so that the codex scans actually trigger an inbox message
- Added mission limit to the ancient ruins mission
- Fixed mission progress elements in the ancient ruins template to actually show the inbox messages as the data is discovered
- Reduced the reputation reward for the ancient ruin mission when handed in and not fully completed
- Added a bonus reputation reward for full ancient ruin mission completion


- Enabled dithering for VR to reduce banding
- If we aren't trying to override saved 3d settings don't prevent them loading
And indeed ... Hooo!


- Wings matchmaking improvements
- Improve the way we exchange info about routers, to include info on whether there is manual port forwarding, so we don't immediately skip to Turn when a direct connection might work
- Ensure that packet sizes are correctly allowed for
- Added telemetry to catch inconsistencies with players network configurations
- Fix a race condition in Networking startup, where the initialisation of the Turn code was sometimes delayed due to taking a long time to identify the type of router: this meant that sometimes we would upload incomplete connection details to the server, which would then be passed on to other machines, they would not be able to connect via Turn
- Change the way we interpret appconfig.xml settings regarding manual port forwarding - if port has been set, but routerport has not, we will automatically assume port forwarding in the router, with the same port number on the external WAN side as the internal port number
- Fix some timings when adding machines to a session: if we're waiting for the machine's connection details, then when we receive them, reset the Session's timeout
With a final MASSIVE Yay!

Thanks FD, love you really.
So the diminishing returns for shield boosters didn't make it? Aw, that's a shame. I hope we get a revised version of that in the next beta. Also, don't forget about inertial impact burst lasers! Please consider giving them some love in the next beta as well :)
Looks good. I hardly had time to engage with the beta but I'm looking foward to trying some of this stuff. I love the idea of Combat Defence data being available on the internal Stats panel. A way of quickly comparing loadouts within the game has been needed for some time.
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