News Elite Dangerous - 2.2 Beta is live

Very happy to see such an early release :D

Hopefully it'll finish d/l before too many 'muricans wake up ;)

Only question - Can I finish reading the changelog before the update completes?
I read almost everything from the changelog, I didn't find anything about exploit from long trading mission(Robigo/Ceos/Sothing switching from solo/open and group) and combat logging. Am I missing those parts or there is nothing new?
Surface Features
- New geological features added (fumeroles and geysers)
- Biological entities added
- POIs can now be persistant (applies to new geological and organic features)
- Mysterious things added


Man, that sounds cool (along with all the other awesome content and fixes listed!
Hats off FD, that is quite an Update you have lined up there!

Btw. "Biological Entities"? It's Crabs, I tells ya!
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Another question. Are there any plans to expand the favour system beyond Weapon Special particular, any plans to apply it to our relations with Factions?
- It is no longer possible to supercruise into the back of a station and prang off it if you approach from exactly behind it
Who complained about this? :D
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