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Greetings Commanders,


The Thargoids have returned, and yes, you should be very afraid.


Last night we managed to pull off something special; our fantastic community joined together to take part in a Community Goal that would reveal information to change the galaxy forever. Thanks to you, we were able to transfer enough data to Professor Palin who was able to confirm our suspicions: The Thargoids are back… the same enemy so many of our Commanders feared from the original 1984 Elite.

Today we’re excited to announce that Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will launch Quarter 3 of 2017, and you will be in direct conflict with our insectoid friends. These fearsome creatures are unlike anything you’ve come across before in Elite Dangerous, meaning that you’ll have to discover new ways to fight, work together, and defend against their new types of weaponry and armour.


The Return will play out differently to previous releases in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, with content and story beats affecting all Commanders releasing in the months following its initial release.

As a story-centric update, showing too much ahead of time would spoil the surprise and make for a lesser experience for the community. We want The Return to surprise and shock you as much as possible, but that said, you can expect for further reveals and information about the future of Elite at various community and gaming events throughout the year, such as the upcoming Lavecon.

David Braben talks about the history of the Thargoids, and about how 2.4 The Return will unfold, in the video we posted to our YouTube account:

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"They're coming back!" - it's obviously for about a year now.

I expected more. At least access in Hip 22460...

Don't you think it's a bit offensive? The community spent several years in distant voyages solving a lot of riddles trying to find answers. And the result is just a private event for small group of players and even Thargoids was found by FD employee. Is that really ok for you?
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Welcome Thargoids! I hope you brought a lot of gameplay with you :D

That was a very nice transition from puzzle solving to 2.4 teaser, Ed. Good job!
GG FD this will bring more grind and more engeneers to unlock......
Really what ED needed.....

Really desappointed

I could not have said it better.


2.4 is about war (combat) against Thargoids not friendship. Better git gud now guys.
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GG FD this will bring more grind and more engeneers to unlock......
Really what ED needed.....

Really desappointed

Agreee.... you are awesome thx fot tell the true.

I hope them remove the RNG of the engeneers before add more thargoids thing.

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