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Paige Harvey

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Hello Commanders,

Over the past few weeks, we've gathered some of your questions which we've answered and listed below. We'll be adding to this thread periodically, so check back for any new answers!

Exploration and Codex

Will anything I discover or map move over to the main game when the beta ends?
Exploration data and progress carried out in the beta will not carry over to the live game servers.

If USS' decay, does that mean others will spawn instead?
USS will continue to expire and spawn at set intervals.​

When we fully map a planet with probes does it reveal the exact locations of all POI's on the surface?
It will give you the exact location of persistent POIs. The more transient, smaller POIs such as a collection of skimmers will not be located by the surface scan.​

How will the system map work/look after the initial honk and later on?
The initial 'honk' will just reveal the entry star. As you use the FSS to explore, more stellar bodies will be revealed as you find them, which will then populate the system map.​

Currently with exploration, I just honk the scanner, detect the planet and set course. What happens with this new mechanism?
If you want the location data without using the discovery scanner you can still scan the Nav Beacon to obtain this information.​

Is the new discovery scanner a core internal now?
The new Discovery Scanner will still be an optional internal module. All that has changed in regard to that is that all previous Discovery Scanners are now a single module: Advanced Discovery Scanner'. Everyone's Discovery Scanner will be replaced with the Advanced Discovery Scanner, so if you're out in the black, you won't need to return home to get a new scanner.​

Might there be a textured view of the orrey like you folks did with the system map to complement the geometric view?
It's not currently planned at this time.​

Would player events such as community expeditions be included in the Knowldge Base? (I'm very curious to know what's written in Colonia)
It's not currently planned at this time.​

Will the new system scanning system locate objects like generation ships and Voyager?
Yep, the new system will make points of interest, such as Voyager 1, much easier.​

Didn't really seem to touch on any differences with the 3 current discovery scanners(Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). Is it just going to be one single discovery scanner now, or will there be some kind of limitations/advantages for each that wasn't shown in the livestream?
It will be one single Discovery Scanner now (the Advanced Discovery Scanner). You will need an additional module (the Detailed Surface Scanner) for probing interstellar bodies.​

The one immediate question I have from the summary is about the scan mode. Can you still fly the ship while in this mode?
You are throttled to zero when using the FSS, but you are not when using the Detailed Surface Scanner (DSS).​

Please add a countdown for the Efficiency target when shooting probes. Like 3/6 fired.
Good idea! We intend to have this shown in the user interface.​

With the new system of discovered and mapped data being made available to any commanders who arrive in a system discovered/mapped by another commander are we still going to be unable to scan these planets to collect and upload this data for the communities use?
Yep, Commanders can still scan bodies using the FSS to gain more information and sellable Exploration Data.​

If it hasn't been thought about, can we please have it enabled that you can still use the new ADS mechanic to "re-scan" already discovered planets to not only view the data on screen but also report that planets data to the CMDR's log as it current does now? This would be a huge benefit for those of us who choose to upload data for the communities use.
You can zoom in on bodies, even if you've already discovered them.​

Question/concern: will asteroid belt cluster now yield credits, too?
Nope, Asteroid Clusters will not provide credits for scanning them at this time.​

Can someone confirm if the new scan mode can only be used in supercruise or if it works in normal space?
Both the Discovery Scanner and the Detailed Surface Scanner can only be used in Supercruise.

BGS and Scenarios

Why do stations have threat levels?
This is a bug, which we'll be fixing.​

Will factions have the same states in multiple systems or is it per system?
Factions will have multiple states per system. It'll be on a per system basis, so if your faction 'The Far Side Pioneers' is suffering from Famine in one system, they might be benefiting from Investment or Civil Liberty in another.​

Are the NPC voices procedurally generated or voice-acted?
NPC voices are voice-acted.​

Are these voiced scenario npcs persistent across different scenarios? Will we be able to build a relationship with Chaos?
Persistent structures, such as Megaships and Installations should have the same voice, but there is no 'relationship mechanic' involving these.​

Are the hardware specifications going to change with this update?
Nope, no hardware specifications will change with Beyond - Chapter Four.​

NPCs in the conflict zone are using engineered stuff, and tech broker stuff... is this intended?
Yes, this is intended.​

What are all the happiness states and in what order?
The Happiness states are as follows: Despondent > Unhappy > Discontented > Happy > Elated.

Colonization of new worlds as part of the BGS workings, will this be a part of 3.3 or something that might happen in the future?
We have nothing to announce regarding this, but we can confirm that this is not part of Beyond - Chapter Four.​

I noticed that the tip for what to do for each state talks about doing specific missions. Does that mean free trading medicine outside of a mission no longer affects outbreak states?
Actions that affected the Background Simulation will work the same as they did previously to Beyond - Chapter Four.​

Will you be able to use voice synth tech in future to even increase variety of NPC voices?
This isn't currently planned.​

Can stations could have scenarios happening very close to them?
This isn't currently possible, as such scenarios won't occur near Stations.​

Will the objectives & events also effect Powerplay conflict zones (eg Armed Revolts & Crime Sweeps)
No, they won't.​

Will events like the Alpha Squads include things like engineered enemy ships?
Yep, Alpha Squads can include ships that have been engineered - so expect a fierce fight!​

It's been said that the trigger system will remain the same, and that conflicts will be now managed in 7 days, with daily battles that, if won, will determine the resolution of the conflict itself. We saw that a starport, or an outpost or a planetary station is the object of the contest between the factions, but what happens if the factions have more than one facility to contend?
This will work the same way as it did previously, the object of the contest should be the faction's highest value asset.​

We've seen that conflict zones have now a little bar that shows the progress of the conflict zone itself, what happens when it's completed?
When it's completed, the battle will be won or lost (depending on which side you're backing) and then the Background Simulation 'rewards' are applied. After that, with brief respite, a new battle will begin.​

Will larger ships count more towards the bar than small ships or will each kill count the same in Conflict Zones?
The amount added to the conflict bar will be based on the enemy ship's load-out and Combat rank.​

The bar seemed to fill up quite fast in the Conflict Zone. Was this only for the sake of demonstration in the stream/is this still WIP and therefore subject of change?
This is something we'll be reviewing and balancing throughout the beta.​

Will there be different degrees of outbreaks? I imagine an outbreak of space flu wouldn't be as bad as an outbreak of Achenar brain eating amoebas!
There won't be any different degrees of Outbreak, so you'll have have to fear Space Flu just as much as you fear Achenar Brain-eating Amoebas... PRAISE THE GREAT AMOEBA.​
...PR... A...I... SEE!​

When you encounter an NPC with a request you seem to have only two options. Give them what they want, or refuse. If you want players to be able to leave and come back with the right equipment or cargo what do you do?
You can focus away from the panel without having made a choice, allowing you the option to leave and come back. The USS will persist on a timer, so you'll know how long you have to get the cargo, the NPC Commander might ask for.​

Will there be more pronounced reputation consequences for taking sides in scenarios & conflict zones?
There certainly will be!​

You mentioned scenarios across the galaxy! Does this mean explorers should be wary of these now?
Deep space will not feature any Scenarios.​

Is there any plan to make scenarios a new method for spawning mission offers?
Not at this time, but we'll let you know in future if that changes.​

Will we see an overhaul of RES's on a par with those we are seeing in regards to Conflict Zones?
We're not reworking Resource Extraction Sites at this time.​

Is it possible to reduce the duration of the war to three days, as it was before? Whether it has any conditions for rollback war activity trigger?
We won't be reducing War duration to three days, seven is intended by the design of the new War system.​

Smuggling used to trigger civil unrest. Since civil unrest is now part of the security status "mega-state", does that mean that doing more smuggling can trigger "lockdown"?
Smuggling can indeed trigger Lockdown.​
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