News Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Beta Announcement

Finally! An end to the whole "buy beta and test" debacle once and for all!

Here's hoping with equal beta access available to all that the update will be much more bug free than previous ones :)

Looking forward to the Q1 update - I had no idea it was going to be this early, I was suspecting it was going to be around the end of February till we saw any kind of Beta and then followed by a release somewhen in March - very impressed!
I'm glad you're making the beta open for everybody, and I hope every beta stays open from now on. It never made sense to me to pay to access a beta...
Oh god, what are they going to do to mission rewards. Have they talked about it at all? Maybe we'll finally get some kind of sane progression system in the game???
This means the public (and console) versions will arrive sometime in March. It's still a long way off but I can't wait to see what the Chieftain can do! Bring it on, Frontier!
Yay am very excited about this, will be straight in there on beta day, well done FDev I think you have (pleasantly) surprised everyone with this so soon!! :D :cool:
Heya folks, I've circled some interesting bits of the ships.

It seems to have three visible hardpoints. two on the top, a class 3 and 4 I imagine, and one class 3 on the bottom.

It is a lakon ship as it has a standard lakon landing gear and it does say lakon on the side.

It has two crew member instead of what we had thought there would be 3 (I guess the krait would be our medium 3 person ship)
Original concept:

and it has rear landing gear that seems to come out of the engine like I believed from the first greybox models we've seen. Also there appears to be potential for -64 bits of controllable lighting that seemm controllable. Is white the final colour?

Here's an old thread I did where I've included those images:
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