News Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Beta Announcement

Im excited, There are more changes coming than I thought!

Lots of multiplayer features. Thats my jam.

Changes to mission rewards. Im very interested in this. Hopefully the payouts all scale with how close you get to ELITE. The missions are fun, but we all go where the money is. Or whats +++ INF.

Any Date set for the Sanrdo Live stream?
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Hi Barking_Mad,

You're exactly right, we want players to experience the narrative first-hand so that's why we haven't included details about that in the OP. It is going to continue during the first chapter of Beyond and, as we previously said at Frontier Expo, one strand of the narrative will involve the Guardians and lead to new and different weapons - but that's all we can say for now! ;)
Did... did you just give out some key information just now? :p

This is most un-Frontier-like to give out that amount of information. I hope you don't get into trouble for spilling those beans ;)

Yes that was a joke :p
@Frontier It took you five years, but I finally feel you are doing this in the right way now. If only we could rewind the last five years and do it all differently, I wonder what game we'd have then ;)

I am looking forward to the 25th, Thank you Frontier.
The move of their studio really put a crimp in the Horizons season. It was originally meant to be done by end of 2016.....that threw everyone off!
Awesome teaser! And much faster than expected.

I'm most excited about the new planetary tech. Perhaps the devs would be willing to do a video again or write down what they've been working on?

My main regret is that I really still feel quite uncomfortable when driving around bumpy planets in VR, so I'll be enjoying the improved planets mostly from a distance.
Good news.

Also, PLEASE be sure to add "engineering for fish" out of the box (in Beta 1), not in later betas.
In fairness, though, in order to give proper feedback on *all* the changes to engineering, we will need them to require the normal materials & data. I really hope they took my ideas onboard about having player agency used to tweak outcomes, & retention of a re-jigged favour system.
What structure? All I've seen is a living Scout.
I think you are right, it looked like the thargoid structure on first view but its spinning and the galactic centre in the background is not, so its more likely a ship.

There has been speculation that the thargoid structures are going to "take off" so it might be that.

Is there a screenshot of the scout for comparison?
I'm glad you're making the beta open for everybody, and I hope every beta stays open from now on. It never made sense to me to pay to access a beta...
An update as big as this one really needs a truly decent & thorough stress test, so limiting it to the usual beta crowd (of which I am one) would make no sense.
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