News Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Release Date

...Verity, Command Override, change course immediately. Authorization Theta Six One One Victor. Destination : Homeworld.

"Acknowledged, CMDR. New course set. Engines engaged."

Maximum warp!

Cool stuff.

And is that a Guardian tech weapon at 15 seconds?

Anyway, Silly Ships 3 is off a week or so after launch, so all i can say is if the Thargoids are incoming, you lot better make sure there is a bubble for us to return to!

My original prediction was Thursday, March 1st, with the 27th as a close second. The 1st is still a possibility if they run into any delays.
Thargoids in real life??

They are real, aren't they? (They have a twitter feed so must be real)

Has anyone worked out how to say "Welcome Insectoid Overlords!" or "I am not a suitable host for your ovipositor, but my next door neighbour is" in Thargoidese? (I am not good with an oboe, so sound files may be better)


.. and indeed ..


Edit: hmmm, right in the middle of "Chicken Run" ... that's gonna make things interesting, I wonder whether ships in 3.0 will be faster then those in 2.4?
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Eh what? Plasma chargers and Gauss cannons? Does someone remember if these weapons were in the beta? I not!... lol

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Don't think they were - guessing this is Guardian tech
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