Elite: Dangerous Career & Achievements Badges

Elite: Dangerous Career and Achievements Badges


Hello fellow CMDRs!

I've been goofing around with Photoshop and made a few badges, first intended for forum signature purposes ; I enjoyed making them, so I'm sharing the lot, for... any use you can think of :) If you have ideas, tell me.
All badges come in 300x300 .png, both in matte and glossy finish. I can provide biigger files if needed.

Download here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/mru1ofni0z9pm25/EDBadges_by_QohenLeth_v2.rar

Updated V2 Archive

"20 Hour Straight Run" comes in 16, 14, 12 and 10 hours versions as well.
"1,000,000ly And Still Around" comes in 100,000 , 200,000 and 500,000 versions as well.
"DW Crew" is for people involved in the organization of the event (fleet comms admins, prospectors, newsletter staff, official photographers, etc.)

Explanation for some that may be unclear :

Activator of Friendship Drive : if you are nice and talk to people, and wing 'em, and adivse them, and get into their life, and...
Commited Faction Asset : if one of your primary goal in E: D is working to the success of your faction
Security Division : if you value and ensure security in events or as a space police in the bubble
Noob Level : if you don't think you're an expert E: D player yet, but do believe you'll get there someday!
Buckyball Racer : if you've buckyballed ; 'fast' is a matter of perspective...
3 Elite : triple Elite
Distant Worlds Crew/Fleet : Crew is part of the organization ; Fleet is just a member ; '1st Roster', in case there's another DWE someday in 3302
Sag A* Gathering : 'crash' refers to game crash, not ship crash ; since the servers overloaded...
Jonk in -50s : if you can jump and honk in less than 50sec ; fastest being around 43sec...
Snap Team : for the DW photographers
Leif Erikson : if you tagged at least a couple ELWs
Colombus : if you tagged or reported a POI in the Galactic Mapping Project
Canyon Racer : for the soon-to-come Canyon Racing Club

Check out the RIBBON MAKER APP by mpfj!

Ribbons by CMDR Billy Chase

CMDR Billy Chase has realized career and achievments ribbons based on my badges, they look really nice and are far more practical if you already have a large and/or detailed signature! Easier to pile up for sure :) The archive includes all ribbons in 4 sizes, from tiny (65px wide) to huge (2000px wide) ; rep him and his work and wear 'em proud!


Download here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/bb6ib734zks464a/DW_Ribbons.rar



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i'm working on a badge and achievement system as well, nearly panicked, but i don't think my version on your version cross over, phew :p Mines more about things to look for :)
A couple new ones ; i'll update the archive with all the latest badges soon.


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