Community Event / Creation Elite: Dangerous Community Live Stream - Kerrash Landing

Greetings Commanders!

I have started this thread to keep track of all the various questions that you folks would like answered on the community live stream. Please go ahead to post and comments, questions & suggestions below, and if you would like to star on the show please go ahead and PM me.

You can watch live, Friday's 20:00 GMT here:
Kerrash Landing

All past episodes are available via YouTube:
Elite: Dangerous - Kerrash Landing Playlist

And if you follow on Twitter, you can get an instant reminder of the stream starting:

See you in the void Commanders!.

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Extra Stream!

Okay, I have had several requests to do another stream; because there won't be one next Friday (June 13th)

So I will get one sorted ASAP tonight ;)
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Greetings Commanders!

Just to let you know I will not be able to stream on the 15th of August, as I have... 'plans' ;)

However I will be streaming with FireyToad, SharpShifter and OneVigor tonight to pass on the torch for next week :D
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