Elite Dangerous [ELDA] Recuiting for ps4

Squadron Name: Elite Dangerous
Squadron ID: ELDA
Platform: ps4

About Us:
Elite Dangerous seek commanders to join us in our search for memories, money and the odd bit of mayhem as we venture out to explore the Milky Way.

Pilots of all levels and abilities are welcome, with an open recruitment policy allowing members of any rank to send or accept invites.

What we do:
Our focuses at present are on exploration, mining, CQC and bounty hunting - though we are happy to try our hand at (almost) anything that is of interest to our members.

When we reach 10 members, we will select a home system and apply for a custom faction to represent our interests as we expand.

The Rules:
Though we're an open squadron, there are a few rules we want our members to abide by so that everyone can get the most enjoyment from the game:

1. Be polite/respectful to other players
2. We only practice consensual combat
3. Combat logging is strictly forbidden (refer to wiki for developer definition of the practice)
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