Elite Dangerous : Festive Community Meet up | December 10th 2021

I'd like to go to something like this but my social anxiety would stop me.
I hope it goes well though and lots of money is raised for the charity too.

Seeing some photos/video of the event would be great, as long as everyone is OK with it of course.
Could send a Holo-Me in our place! Thoughts on doing an in-game version sometime with comms in the Frontier Discord? We could pick a space station and meet up now that we have awesome space legs (that's not sarcasm I genuinely love my new legs) Could still be moderated or invite only and best of all Covid free.
My porcine friend, that is an excellent suggestion!
@sallymorganmoore - for us more "at risk" folk (or just unable to get there for a multitude of reasons) could you consider pushing Piglet's suggestion up for consideration?

Thanks 🍻
The event could be made even more safe if it were to provide N95 masks gratis. A good 3m n95 mask costs only 2 USD here in New York. I have watched innumerable BBC specials on Covid ICUs. I use the same mask as the NIH nurses and docs use in hospital when in "casual" mode.

Ofc, I don't know what the supply chain is like across the pond. But yeah, masks are not all created equal.

Since the pandemic is so volatile and unpredictable I suspect you already have alternate measures in case of lockdown.

Best wishes.

Totally understandable of course.
We're absolutely making it as safe as possible with having the room at half capacity and all the precautions in place BUT, it's very very very important that anyone with general worries about risk or of course those marked at high risk should absolutely be the ones we share the room with 'in spirit'.

Always safety first. Entirely understood 💫
On the subject of safety can we bring any of the following?

gots and kindling.

Asking for an acquaintance over on DD.

Seriously have fun all, I would theoretically like to be there but the date is too close for my decision making loop/ dithering time plus I am not sure I am comfortable with people in such enormous numbers after so long barely getting to meet them in double figures.
In Australia 😁 Never left , never intend to. My Family were Convicts. Thanks for that by the way. Gotta go, Carrier is Jumping to Mudhrid. Love the Game Cheers.

Yeah, its a shame FD only have a presence in the UK and do events there. All we can do who live in other countries is round up some local Elite players and head to the bar.
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