Elite Dangerous: FSD Reward Module for Phase 2 Colonia Bridge Community Goal | Experimental Effects Revised

Why...why would you think that? 🙃

Putting a new engineering effect on a module always replaces the old effect.
Because it looked like all the increased range engineering had been wiped out just because I added mass manager, and I have added mass manager to at least five size 5 Engineered FSDs in the past with no issue.
I hoped those modules (the Seekers from Grom Attempted Capture CG - IIRC they're the only one left throwing an error now) would be put in line with the previous modules (like it happened with the more recent FSD) - for consistency reasons is not for anything else.
I actually missed that those throw the error as well, since I skipped them. I would have loved them in size 1, but size 2 hardpoints get packhounds.
Oh dear. I might have to annoy you for a coriolis link to your build. My dog doesn't get past 730 when boosting, and while I haven't slapped the new FSD in there yet, she's only hauling 40-ish ly.
I don't think I've got it saved on coriolis at the moment but I can put it together on there later (after work) and post it for you. I'll warn you it has only 4 tons of cargo space and no weapons - I mean they're a bit superfluous when you can run away that fast lol.
I'm trying not to feel patronised, I'm sure you don't mean it in the way it reads and I have no doubt that you're saying this out of kindness, so thank you.

I have nowhere near as many hours logged as you all do, but I was recently celebrating my 3000+ hour "birthday"...I was pretty happy about it at the time, considering the scale of work needed to be done in my work day, before I can even settle down to casually play the game more, but maybe I should rethink myself.

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Try to be mindful that I have responded to this issue in several ways over the months - in both posts, comments and on livestream.
I'm mindful that you might not always see all of these methods of communication though.

Try to be mindful that we have mentioned codex entry inconsistencies as an issue which you may have missed in communication, as you might not see all of the things written here in the Forum.
I'm always, as ever, very happy to include individual instances amidst the other reports, just like this one.

Try to be mindful that I was the one trying to work out how to fix this issue, so what is your aim toward me with saying this, at this point?
Is there something more I can help you with?

Thanks for the suggestions. Please try to be mindful that you can add and find many more like this over at the Suggestions section https://forums.frontier.co.uk/forums/elite-dangerous-suggestions/. You can also report issues either as constructively as able on here in an issue style format, via the issue tracker, or to customer service.

Please try to be mindful of the number of Commanders that I communicate with here on a daily basis who do NOT say good things about the game and get a resolve on their issues as efficiently as possible (it may not feel quick or good enough for many sometimes, but no one takes less priority intentionally and we will always keep doing our best for everyone.)

You can, by all means, find these efforts in my response history from the last year.

Hey...that's my line.

I have two questions Sally.

1. Is that your finger on the screen pointing at the hours played, or was it Lord Brebus again? He has lovely nails.

2. Where did you learn your diplomacy skills? They are very good.

3. How much booze have you drink in the last 48 hours?

4. This isn't a question.

Now to the untrained eye, I said there were two questions, but I wanted to write 4 bullet points to make myself look more sensible than I really am.


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
I have two questions Sally.

1. Is that your finger on the screen pointing at the hours played, or was it Lord Brebus again? He has lovely nails.
Haha...it's mine. It's mine.

2. Where did you learn your diplomacy skills? They are very good.
From a lot of hard trying.

3. How much booze have you drink in the last 48 hours?
Not enough.

4. This isn't a question.
I'm a fan of Bottom Hat <3
Well that is a relief!
Good sensible marketing decision, not to P off your whole player base!
Whoever thought it was clever to offer these as a reward without the extra engineering opportunity?
Really needs replacing!
For having such a lack off empathy with the playerbase!

Thank you
k1k59xddtlm01 (1).jpg

I'll just leave this here and be on my way.

come on Sally why would reading your previous posts be a thing! it spoils the fun for some here!!
I've read through all three of the epic-length threads about this topic over the past few days, sorry if I've missed something.

Having said that, given the amount of confusion in the past (not just on this issue but in general), it doesn't seem to be such a bad thing to confirm again what is happening.

It just remains to be seen what actually will happen.
hahaha I just engineered my 4A V1 to grade 1 increased range instead of adding experimental effect 😅😅🤦‍♂️

Be careful, not careless like me. On with the show.

Also can we refer to this as the "Great Kerfuffle of 21"?
Haha...it's mine. It's mine.

From a lot of hard trying.

Not enough.

I'm a fan of Bottom Hat <3

I'm particularly fond of answers 3 and 4, although I worry that Lord Brebus may copy your nail fashion if he sees that picture.

As a newly qualified doctor of the Online Church of Made-up Qualifications, I prescribe you a lot of pink gin this weekend, and to not return to the forums until Monday. But feel free to join in next week's mascot nominations in SotG as you're always welcome there!
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