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@sallymorganmoore - AWESOME !

Btw, I know it's not quite related, but it's also not too far off... given it is part of the same kind of UI.
Do you think it would be possible to display on a Stored Fighter Hangar the fighter that is currently 'coded' with it?

Right now, I travel in my carrier with 4 Fighter hangar, each with a different fighter but no way to know which is which...

Much love. o7

Lemmie have a lil lie down first and we'll see :')
Big o7
More like:

Thanks so much to you Sally and to all involved both in front of and behind the curtain, for the time, thoughts and work that went into the choice - in the end from here, it leaves things feeling more consistent (with the c5) and desirable.

Of course if it fits something in future - now we know that sealed/unchangable modification is an Option, and the UI could still be useful then, naturally =)
I'd wonder if that could be expanded on and just experimentals allowed to save accidents but, that sounds like entire extra layers of headache to program so, no worries there! x)

Hope y'all have a brilliant evening, i might gently detour to Farseer or something tonight.
Thank you so so much. It's not a big change, but it's the type of change that "follows the fun" rather than the balance meta and, because it's not absolutely game-breaking, it still allows for fun, limit-breaking builds that feel alright to use. Thank you.
So how many extra light years are we talking about now we can add the experimental?
2? 3?

Yes, thic epic poop show was about additional 2-3 years for builds, which now can have let's say more than 80 range

Now community can make next show for example more nebulas models :)
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