Elite Dangerous: FSD Reward Module for Phase 2 Colonia Bridge Community Goal | Experimental Effects Revised

In a previous post, I had indicated this is a good opportunity for FDev to listen to the playerbase.

Aside from being very satisfied that the issue was resolved, I am even more tickled that the powers-that-be listened to the playerbase's request for a non-gamebreaking (and expected) feature. This goes as a plus in my book, and it would be such even if didn't participate in the CG.
So I think ... I THINK I'm good to leave you to your evening/day now o7
Here's to a graceful Friday ahead.

Again, thank you so so much for your patience in this recent situation and for your thoughts hereafter.

o7 Commanders.

Before you go, please can you sort out the issue of the anaconda's hull mass? I will go full on tantrum on the floor if you don't, and then I'll set Phil on you again with his exploding noggin!
Then Peggy (Lord Brebus in disguise) shouts "get out my pub!" to everyone else!
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