Elite Dangerous: FSD Reward Module for Phase 2 Colonia Bridge Community Goal | Experimental Effects Revised

I fail to understand why one could risk losing the double engineering status permanently. Doesn't look like edge cases have been considered thorougly.
If you engineer a module that is already engineered to a different blueprint you lose all the existing engineering carried out on it, I fail to see why this should be different with these double engineered modules especially as we don't have access to double engineering blueprints.

The loss of existing engineering has been a well documented behaviour since before they got rid of engineering by roulette many years ago and last time I did this there were lots of warnings to click through so no edges there, now why someone would think it a good idea to do such engineering would have baffled me at one time.
That was the right call, even if the flak was excessive (except for the poor communication: that was deserved).

Since we're here asking for additional stuff, could you please remove the Fer-de-lance? It's fugly!
Just wanna put this here to give the chap some more visibility..
Hi @Northpin. I have checked it just now. Yes, these Seekers still show the "Server Error" message. That was an exclusively FSD fix.

Since they're not mentioned in the OP, i'd assumed they still throw the error message.
So my question was rather if they're supposed to behave like that or they'll be fixed at a later date?
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