ANNOUNCEMENT Elite Dangerous Horizons Fold Down

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

Today we are merging Elite Dangerous and its expansion Horizons together. This will take place via an update at 11:00 (UTC). We do not anticipate any downtime for this.

What does this mean for me?
If you already own the Elite Dangerous base game, or you purchased it from this date, you will now have access to all the features Horizons provides added to your game, for free. Meaning you will now be able to land on planets, explore their surfaces in your SCARAB SRV, craft rare and powerful weapons with the help of a wide variety of Engineers, expand your multiplayer experience with multicrew, plus much more!

What if I already own Horizons?
For all our Commanders who have already been enjoying the Horizons expansion, you will receive the exclusive Azura Paint Job which can be applied to all 41 craft (38 ships, 3 fighters) in-game, as a thank you for your support.


The Milky Way is a big space and we are happy to bring you all a little closer together!

If you're new to Elite, you can pick up Elite Dangerous which will include the Horizons expansion content on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One now.

o7 Commanders
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Guess I'll be logging on this evening to check out the new paintjobs. On another note, at what time will be today's supercruise news livestream?


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Will the option to log into the base game still exist?
Commanders in an SRV who's ship just went boom on landing would like to know.
As would the fuel rats who have a landed commander who ran out of fuel.
@Stephen Benedetti You did mention on the livestream on Thursday that this was already being discussed with the developers. Is there any information on it yet?
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