Elite Dangerous: Horizons Hotfix | 11.01.2022 | For PC & Console Notes


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
Greetings Commanders.

Hope you're having a really lovely Tuesday so far.
Hoping this will be a small sparkle of good news for Horizons players today - here to listen and chat as we go, time and duties allowing (thanks for your patience).

Elite Dangerous Horizons Commanders on both PC and Consoles (PS and Xbox) will today recieve a small Hotfix to deploy, in order to address a number of outstanding issues.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons servers for both PC and Console Commanders will NOT require extended server downtime, just a simple relog of the client to apply the hotfix.
The hotfix will be available at approximately 11:00am UTC

Updates of note:
  • Unable to edit fire groups.
  • Multi-Limpet Controller Module Mass is too high.
    • Following reports from Commanders, it was agreed that the mass of the multi-limpet controller module needed to be addressed and dropped quite significantly. This was fixed for Odyssey, however the fix remained outstanding for Horizons only players. This is now addressed across the board.
  • Clearer indication via UI when reward modules will/will not allow experimental effects.
    • It will now be clearer for Commanders to identify whether their newly acquired CG Reward Modules can be further modified, via the modifications UI panel.
  • The Class C Operations Multi Limpet Controller was incorrectly showing as Class F.
    • This has now been addressed for Horizons Commanders.

Known Issues:
I'm going to reuse my latest one here from the last catch-up thread again, plus a couple of additional notes and points collected since.
  • Credit Balance Not Updating On Ship System Panel When Performing Any Balance-Changing Action (Buying/Selling Commodities, Missions etc.) Until After Relog.
    • Checked internally for both Commodity Market changes and rewards from missions. Credit balances update only with a relog.
    • It was also mentioned to me (thanks Piglet) that:
      • "Fines are also not appearing until you do a relog to main menu. You can be wanted, have outstanding fines but when you go to the administrators office to pay them it says you have no fines. Issue only rectifies when you log out of the game and log back in."
      • I've passed the additional information along which will help further (potentially! I'll take it!) with the issue, as it sounds like it's got a high chance of being connected. Even if it's not, it'd obviously good to look into it.

The common heavy hitters/some fallout from Update 9 across Horizons AND Odyssey (as in, I've lumped a bunch together) which are always worthy of noting are listed, but not limited to, the below:
  • [Bumped] Issues with the XG9 Lance (targetting and ammo).
  • [Bumped] Tracking down further clarity on issues continuing to be reported around Thermal Conduit.
  • [Bumped] Tracking down further clarity on Anti-Aliasing issue progress.
  • [New] Thargoids fail to use any special attacks in Horizons after the second heart is destroyed (if you'd like to contribute further, it all helps: https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/46871)
  • Investigations on reports of performance issues continue.
  • Continued reports of stability issues on console, particularly PS5 but also on Xbox.
  • Starting Frameshift makes the game freeze/lock.
  • Unable to access Session Logs.
  • Disconnect/suspended in Supercruise.
  • Hostile ships appear incorrectly (as non-hostile) on the radar.
  • Commanders are unable to use the Profile Analyser to clone the profile of NPC corpses.
  • Remaining issues with fire groups in Odyssey and Horizons:
    • For example: "Empty fire groups surrounded by populated fire groups do not automatically clear".
    • Remaining issues around fire groups continue to be logged and investigated internally (thank you for your reports and thoughts!).
  • Empty Facilities lists for Stations in the system map.
  • Inconsistency with Codex entries.
  • “Floating” Guardian Materials at Guardian Sites were sighted and logged.
  • The Scorpion turret remains to be inheriting textures/decals from the ground that dance/parallax across it. Texture movement is at its worst when the SRV itself is in motion.
  • Instances of the Odyssey On-foot tutorial being unable to be completed due to it not finishing.
    • Occasionally, when the player disembarks, the game will display ' Board the Dropship' even though Dylan leaves the port. The player can then go into the concourse of the social space, but nothing will work as it should as they're not supposed to be here.
  • [Noted] 10 mins prior to Fleet Carrier jump, the dialogue "Jump is Complete" plays.

Commanders, once again, there are more and just as important known issues reported (thank you as always), however I'm just chopping through them one 'managable chunk at a time' right now in these posts, so please do continue to understand that I can't respond to every missing issue from the known issue list, that you'd maybe expect to be there - we'll dive deeper into more issues along the weeks ahead (top 20 tracker and so on).

Have a wonderful day, please o7



Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
Thx Sally
Fixes! Always nice to have. Thanks, Sally. :)
Brilliant ! Thanks @sallymorganmoore for your dedication and herculean efforts 💫

All the best ☄️🐙
Thanks a lot for the info
Thanks Sally, nothing like a hot fix to blow away the cobwebs on a rainy Tuesday morning!

Very welcome, guys o7 Glad it helps a little! Coming up to the 10 min sound alert countdown!
Please definitely do tell me where I could have been clearer so you didn't feel muddled :') Because I always feel if people need to ask this then I need to do better somewhere - eek!
No, no. I was pretty sure. It's just unusual to get a hotfix for one but not the other; just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get chucked out of Odyssey mid-delivery.


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
No, no. I was pretty sure. It's just unusual to get a hotfix for one but not the other; just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get chucked out of Odyssey mid-delivery.
Ok cool :) Naw you really shouldn't need to check if I've done a good job in the first place :)
Also in the above it says there's no server downtime BUT if it does go off then...well I'll be jumping around haha! o7
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