Elite Dangerous: In-Game Memorial Name Requests

CMDR Zordrak

On of our Cobra Wing commanders and member of the Brazilian ED community that we unfortunately recently discovered is no longer with us here and we would like to perpetuate this great friend and commander in the game in which we knew and were always together with the community. If any the FDEV goes for more beacons with the names, Cobra Wing would be grateful if it expanded to EBOR (our main system) the Beacons of memorial , to perpetuate there also our commanders together with the others that appear there in the names.

RIP my friend, will always be with us in the Elite stars and have a great trip to rest ❤️
Greetings Commanders,

For more information on in-game memorials, please see this post.

If you have lost a loved one that you wish to have memorialised in-game, please reply to this post with their name. We will collect these names over the next few weeks and add them to the specified locations.

If you have previously contacted us for this reason, please still post the name down below to ensure no-one is missed out.

Please avoid posting anything other than the name you would like memorialised. We’ll use this thread to keep track of names and revisit it every few months to update the list in-game. To discuss the topic more generally, please visit the original post.

I have previously contacted you via email. Our fallen CMDR is CMDR Daddy's Girl, Miss Deana Bell. She will be sorely missed by the squadron.
My beloved wife and mother of our daugther. She passed away after a seven year fight against breast cancer. She bought me ED for my birthday in 2014.

Ina Kalitschke

11/10/1978 - 28/12/2020

R.I.P we'll love and miss you forever!
Jonatas "Jonbs" Botelho da Silva

Long time friend and avid Sci-Fi lover, got brutally and cowardly murdered trying to defend his family.

Please FDEV.
Forever 29, and was loved by All who met her... My Wife and Soul-Mate, she passed with my 2mo old baby (1st trimester, i.e. We just found out we were expecting), due to complications from COPD.

My heart died with her...

I only await joining her again, in the great beyond... just one jump away.

If LOVE, both people she Loved and those who Loved Johnna, was a measure of Worthiness, she'd be tops on your list! Beauty and Grace, within and without.
Commander Ratinox (Sol please)

In real life he was my best friend of 45 years, we first met each other at play group (what the American's call pre-school I think).

Rather than add it to a memorial, would it be possible to add his name to the NPC name list, so he may fly on?
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