Elite Dangerous: In-Game Memorial Name Requests

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Apologies for the long wait. The latest round of names have been collected and will be added to the in-game locations shortly. If submitting names after this comment, please see the original post and check the updated submission guidelines.
Greetings Commanders,

For more information on in-game memorials, please see this post.

If you have lost a loved one that you wish to have memorialised in-game, please reply to this post with their name. Every few months, we will gather the latest additions and add them to the in-game locations. If you have previously contacted us for this reason, please still post the name down below to ensure no-one is missed out.

Guidance - Please Read Before Posting:
  • Please use real names (first and last) where possible.
  • If using a CMDR name, please make this clear.
  • Please limit additional text to a bear minimum.
  • Do not submit the names of pets, celebrities, fictional or historical figures, or your own name.
There is no need to request a specific location. The list will contain all eligible names and will be present at all locations:
  • Sol
  • Achenar
  • Alioth
  • Shinrarta Dezhra
  • Colonia
  • Asellus Primus
  • Dromi
We’ll use this thread to keep track of names and revisit it every few months to update the list in-game. To discuss the topic more generally, please visit the original post.

(Germaine Abraham,Stan obsniuk & Mackie Clark) thank you (ps can I be notified when and where it's added ?)
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