Elite Dangerous: In-Game Memorials

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Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

We’d like to revisit our approach to player memorials in-game.

In the past, we've accepted requests to add locations or change location names to give players a place to remember and celebrate their loved ones. Unfortunately, this gesture could not be scaled to meet the large number of requests we received as time went on.

We’re now ready with a solution that offers an equal and respectful way to honour all Commanders’ requests to memorialise friends and family that have passed. Our plan is to create memorial beacons in the following systems, each of which will feature an epitaph and a list of names:

  • Sol
  • Achenar
  • Alioth
  • Shinrarta Dezhra
  • Colonia
  • Asellus Primus
  • Dromi

The names will be updated periodically every few months at all locations. This will allow any visitor to see the full list at any beacon at any given time.

We’ll leave this thread open for you to discuss the post. If you have a name you would like memorialised, please see this thread.


EDIT: Memorials have now been added in-game.
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It's a great idea, although some fans of the Dark Wheel novel would have prefered Tionisla.
Tionisla would have been the perfect place for it. have it a POI with derelict ships drifting about with beacons and datapoints to scan and discover... Especially since it could also serve as a memorial to Robert Holdstock who died in 2009 and never got the see Elite Dangerous.

Please. make it happen.
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A nice idea, but it would seem that you have stolen the idea from the Alliance Rapid Reaction Corps and lately also Drew Wagar, then morphed it into something FDevesque.
We have been asking for years now for this, and to have it hosted in Tionisla as the fabled Orbiting Ships Graveyard.
Our suggestion was that it be an installation. In fact, you might trouble yourselves to dig up the Community Goal request that I myself attempted to tempt you with.

Cmdr Relooops Form the deep space network squadron. I personnaly don't know him but every fallen elite players must be remembered.
What is being proposed now reeks of the usual "minimum effort solution". Not good, please re-consider honouring passed players properly as per the original suggestion.

Friendly reminder:
Nice idea to a degree. Tionisla Orbital Graveyard should be this idea in execution. Why not make it this way?
A small instillation, with derelict ships floating in various points around the planet, with the beacons scattered around at each drop-in point.
The graveyard has been asked for, for years. It could even be the location for any future lore related ideas.
I'm sure there are reasons why FDev do not want to use Tionisla as a memorial site. I'm not going to argue either for or against it

I do want to thank Frontier for doing this... and make one very small suggestion...

These systems are system-locked with permit requirements. Some people visiting these memorials may only be visiting Elite as well. It might be better to place these memorials in more accessible locations
I'm not a fan of mixing game worlds with real life too much, so I'm not exactly thrilled by this idea.
Actually, thread that gathers those names is way better than whatever this will be, especially when people write a little about those they want to be remembered or post pictures there.
But a list of seemingly random names in some beacon in game? I don't see the point. Especially when someone will finally find his submitted name next to some joke in weird language.
But I don't need to visit those places, so... whatever.
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Thank you Frontier for this - it's not easy to cater for a growing community in a compassionate way while trying to support all the myriad facets of this enourmous game.
I know some have mentioned Tionisla , Orbital Graveyard from the original Robert Holdstock novella, while that's a great idea "The Dark Wheel" novella is more semi-lore now and it doesn't make sense for federation and imperial supporters to only be able to have a memorial site in an independent system.
I think the proposed systems make sense both in lore and for players.
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