Elite Dangerous in the Media thread v 2.0

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Please keep your links to actual media/press articles.

Linking (with all due respect to the Youtubers) random You tube videos will just clutter this thread up so that it no longer serves it's purpose of providing an overview of how the professional press reports Elite Dangerous.
Oh come on, it's just ships shooting lasers at each other...
Was only meant as a joke, sorry if it didn't come across as such.


Some brief reports now surfacing on the early-access-try-before-you-buy Xbox news:

Play a trial of Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark today, and then decide if you want to buy it,

Xbox 'Game Preview' lets you pay to play games while they are still being developed
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This kind of thing:


ED got a 7+ Pegi rating for Xbox this morning.
This is indeed strange considering some of the themes already present within the game. And many of the things outlined way back were already way beyond such a low rating. They even had concept art of severed limbs floating in zero G, and I am very much still looking forward to zero G fluid physics in the eventual FPS(ish) gameplay. :D
The reason for the oh so sudden release date for the xbone is it is one of the first bunch of games on xbone early access.
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