Elite Dangerous (incl. Horizons) will be free to keep via Epic store from 19th November (offer available for a week)

Edit: it's now available:


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My 'Epic' account is just a load of stuff they've given away free for a short time like Ghostbusters, CIV 6 and GTA 5. Every Friday I log on and grab the free stuff I'll never play.

You are "paying" by having to use the epic store on your PC though :(
Yeah, I had GTA V and Civ on my Steam wishlist but picked them up on Epic. Never bothered to even install them ...

Not sure I can even be bothered .. 5 CMDRs is already more than I really need ...
Cool, now how do I go about making sure I can use it as a secondary account and not have it tie to my current FD account due to email address? Guess I could create a load of email addresses and make further epic accounts... would be far better if FD simply let us have multiple commander slots though.
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