Elite Dangerous Issue Report - 10/08/2021

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

I'd like to introduce you to something new. Below is our first Top 20 Issues table, summarising the highest voted issues on the Issue Tracker. As part of being open and honest about the game's development, we'll be regularly posting updated versions of this table and discussing it on our Supercruise News streams.

Note: the status and planned release of each issue is subject to change as various factors affect the ongoing development schedule.


Top 20 Issues:

  1. Problems With Lighting and Illumination: We're happy to say this is now fixed since Update 6, having spent some time to monitor it afterwards. Any new issues to do with lighting should now be reported on the Issue Tracker as normal.

  2. Degraded Terrain Textures Compared To Horizons: A lot of the work for this went into Update 6, with some finishing touches coming in Update 7.

  3. Tiling Planetary Features: Changing the way planets are generated signifies a huge undertaking, so we're still investigating this.

  4. Low FPS Performance In Odyssey: This work will continue up to the end of the year, with improvements added already in Update 6, we know there is more to do.

  5. Limited Gameplay During Apex Shuttle Rides: Nothing to share at this time.

  6. Game Hangs On Exit Sometimes: Currently under investigation, we'll aim for the next update but it's one of the fixes more likely to end up in a later update.

  7. Invincible Thargoid Heart: We know this is a longstanding issue which has a complex cause. It's still being investigated and hasn't been forgotten. If you would like to contribute some information to this issue and others, please read this post.

  8. Anti-Aliasing Not Working Correctly: Some changes will go in Update 7 or 8, with significant improvements, but a full anti-aliasing system is slated for later this year.

  9. Joystick Buttons 32+ Not Working: Not started as other issues are prioritised.

  10. Expose Telemetry Data For Motion Simulators: We're currently discussing this internally, and may decide against it. If it does go ahead, it won't be before Update 8.

  11. NHSS Signals In Odyssey That Should Contain Interceptor Are Empty: Appears to be fixed, should arrive in Update 7 pending some further QA testing.

  12. Increased Performance Problems Since Update 5: Some further improvements are coming in Update 7, while general optimisation will be ongoing. The coming change won't be a fix for everyone, but will resolve some of the drops players are seeing.

  13. Supercruise Stuck At '0' Time Remaining With Tunnel Forming: Currently under investigation.

  14. Fleet Carrier Modules And Finances Not Calculated Towards Assets: In progress, slated for Update 7.

  15. NPC Fighter Kills In Conflict Zones Count As Progression: Currently under investigation.

  16. Support Missions Have Been Culled: Fix should be incoming in Update 7.

  17. A Previously Present Codex Entry Is Now Missing: Under investigation. Currently considered lower priority.

  18. System & Galaxy Map Misalignment In Widescreen Aspect Ratios: In progress, unlikely for Update 7.

  19. Stolen Tritium Cannot Be Donated Into A Fleet Carrier's Fuel Depot: Fixed, should arrive in Update 7.

  20. Missions and Rewards Not Sharing With The Team: Fixed, should arrive in Update 7.

This is a reflection of the current scenario, and due to the ever-evolving nature of game development, the planned release for these fixes is subject to change. Let us know what you think of this report below!

See you in the black Commanders,

Nice! Congrats on having a 'live on-air' post under yal'ls belts! The post itself is also nice. Wish the LANCE SLF AMMO issue was on it.
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Why is the link to "duplicate of" in a duplicate issue not actually a hyperlink? e.g. https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/41296

Why is the "https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/41168" not a hyperlink for quick clicking to the issue that is actually open for comments and reproductions ? Having to highlight and then either copy/paste or right-click "open ..." is a pain.

Edit: note that the forum is auto-hyperlinking it in the quote above. On the issue tracker it is NOT hyperlinked.
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Thanks for the update @Zac Cocken - really great to see this comms going out!

As for the issue 1 - Problems With Lighting and Illumination - I don't think this is fixed. You can easily tell by going into the Gamma settings and having a look how different it looks depending on hardware configuration. For many people the slider has to be ALL the way to the right for the left image to be slightly visible. This makes the darkest areas of the game be visible, but at the same time brightens everything else drastically and the end effect doesn't look good at all.

If you set it too low, the overall image quality is better, but then the darkest areas are just pure black and don't display properly.

Unless the Gamma images in Options need to be adjusted accordingly to cater for the lighting changes?
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