As written on the subject line, we're opening this thread to promote an initiative from the Elite: Dangerous Italian community concerning an Italian translation of the game.

We're aware that Frontier tranlsated Elite in many languages, obviously prioritizing the most spoken languages in the world, and unluckily Italian isn't among these. But even if it's not a very common language, the Italian community is very active in Elite: Dangerous. For example, there are two Discord groups counting about 600 members each, and a big Facebook group with more than 1000 users.

This initiative started some months ago with a change.org petition which collected almost 2000 signatures.


We've already contacted Frontier support showing this petition, but we've been asked to promote this initiative on the Elite: Dangerous forums because, essentially, these are Frontier's procedures on these matters.

Specifically, we learned that Elite: Dangerous was translated in the Spanish and Portuguese languages by the local communities, and the translation was then forwarded to Frontier who implemented it in the game.
The Italian community is available to proceed in a similar fashion, so we ask Frontier to provide us with the translation guidelines and, obviosuly, with everything we need to know to translate the game, so we can proceed like the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities did.

Kind regards.
It's a great initiative, I collaborate willingly. I know many players who do not play Elite because they are waiting for the translation into Italian: each one is made in its own way. Surely an Italian translation would amplify the Italian community.
Finally: this is a huge step forward for the italian community, I only hope that FDev will give you all you need to get the job done asap. o7
I like it. Being an old Italian CMDR I offer myself as a volunteer also for the translation process of a proper guideline is given. I always thought bad about audio localization but I feel happy after all these years playing E:D to see such an intensive effort by the community. CMDR Losco Nosciuto out. Let's keep in touch ;)
I'm fine with the English language but this game truly deserve an Italian translation, too many potential italian CMDRs are scared/threaten by the language. As an amateur translator for KerbalSpaceProgram I would gladly apply as part-time translator.
Italian translation

Hi Developers, I'm an italian commander and I enjoy your great videogame. I speak and understand english but if You are kind to translate in my language You give a gift to a small community of players but, at the same time, You give to us the opportunity to enjoy more the game and understand the dynamics inside the galaxy. I know it's not a small request, there wil be a lot of work to do....but please take in consideration italian community request.Fidelity it's something goes in both directions: we trust you, You trust us. Meanwhile I will fly between the stars....
Very nice. It seems to be a good new.
Whether they provide us with some guidelines we could be able to organise in order to translate by ourself.

I would like to have the game translated into Italian, and hear the Italian voice in game, but even if it were not for the voice .. but I'd like to have it in Italian!

CMDR BlackOut96IT
I'm in!
I support this new translation as an italian gamer, and even if I can speak and understand fluently the english language, I know many people who can't, so I vote yes.
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