Elite:Dangerous logo drawn on the galaxy map

So... yeah, I finally did it :)

Just arrived yesterday, after a month, 6500 jumps, and 375k ly traveled.
You guys were insane with the retweets, likes, etc on twitter, and I saw that some people even congratulated me on the bug reports section on the forum . This would be a nicer place to do so I believe^^

Below is the final drawing, with a timelapse designed thanks to Cmdr Orvidius' wonderful tool (check it here : https://edastro.com/vid/new). Also added an EDSM-made one, that takes the time elapsed into account.
You can find all the bookmarks I used to plan this expedition here : https://pastebin.com/zYaS2Xeg

If you have any questions, anything to ask, feel free :) Fly safe Cmdrs !


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From the other thread about this - I'm not kidding - Frontier should give this guy a prize or something. Give him a tour of the studio and convert his lifetime pass to an ultra pass - unlock all skins and DLC etc for him. This is an insane, one of a kind event for the game.
You crazy, crazy man/woman, that is quite an incredible feat. I agree with Crook, Frontier should reward you handsomely, it's more than well deserved.
I just hope you had fun with it.

For me it`s a bit crazy but impressive nonetheless

10/10 would never do that
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