Elite: Dangerous Mega Survey Results

Hey TheSynopticVision,

I can't even begin to fathom how much work you put into this. As you predicted, there are forumers who never heard about this ... Well, it is my case anyway : I very rarely read reddit.

Overall, the results didn't surprise me that much especially the open vs solo/private group. Seeing how close those two are in terms of % , no wonder the hatchet never got buried.

Thank you so much, very interesting survey indeed.
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WOW - what a fantastic response. Thanks so much for doing this and for your presentation and analysis of the results. Nice work and really interesting. I'm definitely linking this from my sticky "Best of Forum" thread.
As an XB1 player, I'm surprised at the low numbers, but I think the OP's thoughts are spot on as to why.

What is with the wacky percentages on the "what are you most interested in seeing new to the game" question? I can only assume multiple answers were allowed.

Also, lol @ no one playing CQC. [haha]

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Atmospheric planets for the win! Most desired for next DLC. Are you listening Fdev? Moar planets to land on.

Also, lol @ no one playing CQC.
It was a hard one to answer because there wasn't an -
Would like to play it but not staring at a screen in a queue where I can't do anything else, desperately hoping 3 other people decide to join at some point in the next few hours...
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Since this is out on reddit we can be nearly certain this is a slanted survey, but that happens with most any survey - it tends to slant one way or another.

We'll never really get good census data regarding how many people play in any given mode, unless that data is pooled from the actual game servers, by Frontier, and since it really doesn't matter who or how many play in any given mode, it's more likely they'll tell us what they have in store past "Season 3" before polling this data.

And I know that's sort of a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow, but it's true. It doesn't matter what mode anyone plays in, or how many people play in that mode. Frontier has made it pretty clear they have no intention of changing modes to suit anyone. And since it's their game, you either learn to accept that or go make unreasonable demands that Star Citizen be made the way you want it to be, or create your own game.
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