News Elite Dangerous (New) Wallpapers

Very pleasant surprise, can't wait to get home and download. Look good even on a phone.

Ta very much!

Someboby forgot Thumbnail/Link for picture 14:

Edit: Is this a new paint job for the Mamba, or is it Dev/NPC only?
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Yeah. These are gorgeous images, thanks FD!

But they are very low-res for a (PC/Mac) wallpaper, and oddly landscape for a mobile wallpaper. :)

Well, ignore the above comment.

If you open this thread on Chrome, you see lots of images, which link to high-res 4K screenshots.
If you open this on Safari (as I did) you see lots of links, which link to low-res thumbnails.
Nice shots. The Hydra closeup (green + spikes, must be one) is particulary interesting, I think few got that close before. So the cockpit was modelled after a fly's head or is it the Fuel Rats logo? And I want that blue Mamba paintjob :D

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