Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Rollout Plan

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

We're just days away from the launch of the Odyssey alpha on March 29! The alpha is going to be an incredibly important tool in shaping Odyssey based on your feedback, and to make sure we gather data and test efficiently, we'll be splitting the alpha into phases as pictured below.



  • New Commander issued for every participant
  • In a single star system to maximise player interaction
  • Remlok Maverick scavenger suit available for purchase
  • Access to Takada and Kinematic weapon sets
  • Apex Interstellar available for player travel
  • Variety of activities available including salvage and collect /delivery missions.


  • Open up 20LY of space for travel
  • Players can now purchase ships
  • Manticore Dominator combat suit available for purchase
  • Faction conflicts will be enabled
  • Frontline Solutions available
  • Missions for neighbouring systems available, including trading with settlements and POIs


  • Increase playable ‘bubble’ to 50LY
  • Includes unexplored planets, allowing for First Footfall experience
  • Supratech Artemis explorer suit available for purchase
  • Players can analyse organics with the Genetic Sampler tool


  • Snapshot of players’ Commanders added to ALPHA
  • Carriers, ships, fighters and SRVs can be used

We'll be sharing more details on tonight's stream (7PM UTC - 25th March 2021) so make sure to tune in at twitch.tv/elitedangerous or the Elite Dangerous YouTube channel.

Buckle up, Commanders, we're on the home straight!

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Cool, glad to see your testing the networking first :)

Does this mean that Odyssey's networking is a little different to the standard games?
For all of those taking part, one small request. Please ensure you've upgraded to the latest versions of any third party tools you use. Check for new versions daily. And if you see any issues open bug reports with the third-party developer as necessary.

For EDMarketConnector I'll put out a 5.0.0-beta1 on Sunday evening at the latest (but probably before because we have some new code that needs wider testing anyway). Expect a new release on Monday once we're certain of some things like the gameversion in the Journal files.
So Phase One:
-Massive party in the nearest bar. Players runing around, poking an NPCs and other players, climbing onto the tables.
-Planespotting Shipspotting at the nearest window. Rating the ships landing styles an laughing at Belugas stucked at mail slot and vaporized by station lasers.
-Annoying an NPCs by asking the same questions and trying the same services for 1000th time.
-Massive meeting at the first interesting planetary object like canyon or mountain

Seems like a lot of fun. I like it. :)
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