Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Announcement

Arthur Tolmie

Lead Community Manager
grateful for your quick response, obviously I'm not making you guilty and it is possible that many times you see yourself between the sword and the wall like the previous CM's, but although you have nothing to give us, I think that communication is important and I think at least you are doing your job well.
Thank you very much and I hope that your bosses let you communicate with the community more than the previous ones, especially in those moments of uncertainty.
Thanks Arthur.
Thank YOU for your patience - it really is appreciated!

Oh a CM :)
While you are here can you please say to the team to fix other things than just MINING pls?
For example, in AX activities, megaship hacking is broken (cargo not thrown out of the bays).
And research limpets don't always works because when the thargoid interceptor detect the tissue sample, it turns and broke it.
As NO ANSWER has been given, i post it here even if i know it's a not related to the OP.
Care to explain how a DLC with +2 years and 100 people working on it, is only in pre-alpha so far ? how is this even possible ? Something doesn't add up here.. :)
Pre-alpha footage was shown to illustrate game features; it doesn't mean the game is "only" at a pre-alpha stage. It still has 6 months to go before release. Who knows? The first release might be a beta 🤷‍♂️ but we are unlikely to get to play any kind of alpha release.
Sorry appologies for not coming back on this sooner! VR is well on my agenda, whilst I have nothing to say at the moment that is because I am getting as much info as I can. I will hope to get some clarification out by close of play this week.

Thanks for the nudge!

Is this the first time we're heard anything about Odyssey VR from Frontier?!?!? I mean, I know it's far from saying it will be included, but just to be acknowledged is nice!
I have been communicating on the forums as and when I can - I would not say I have been silent. Appologies if I am misunderstanding your commet?

However, as I have said in the past my job is to be as open as I can be and that means getting the answers first before making comments on important issues of which I concider VR one.

I have stated I will deliver these answers to you as and when I can, EVEN if these are the answers you may not want.

Whilst I genuinely do appreciate the frustrations, pease give me the time to get the answers.

I've got to agree, on average Arf is posting more in a day than the rest of the team do in a month, combined.

I have to say, this new guy seems very committed, I can only hope we don't burn him out!
And it seems I'm not the only one to think Arf is doing grand...
Care to explain how a DLC with +2 years and 100 people working on it, is only in pre-alpha so far ? how is this even possible ? Something doesn't add up here.. :)
Without going into too much specifics it can be:
  • micromanagement (example: Scam Citizen)
  • scope creep (example: Scam Citizen)
  • ambitious project scope from start
  • unforeseen problems appearing mid-implementation
  • teams being stalled by required core engine feature
  • building blocks being made first and then put together
  • major codebase rewrite
  • quality assurance amped to 11
  • ...

Software development is complex. I just wish it won't be a vr-less dud, is all.
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