Elite Dangerous: Odyssey - Background Simulation Balancing


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
Greetings Commanders.

With the launch of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, we have been monitoring the effects it has had in relation to the Background Simulation.

We have been collating Commander gameplay data throughout the last week. Using this data, we will be making changes today to balance out the effects Odyssey missions have on the Background Simulation This will bring them in line with existing mission effects in Horizons.

We are aware of a number of concerns raised from player communities around the impact Odyssey has had on the Background Simulation. We will continue to monitor this closely going forwards.

These changes will take effect as of 15:00 UTC / 16:00 BST today.

Fly safe, Commanders o7
We've noted a few weird things, sadly not in our favour. Any balancing would help give some certainty.
I'd really appreciate it if the Odyssey Mission board UI was given a serious rethink. It's unnecessarily complicated. The Horizons UI is so much easier to navigate.

Will this, directly or indirectly, address the catastrophic nosediving influence of anarchy factions everywhere since launch?

Good. Fingers crossed the effects of changes to what is quite a mature & well established game are taken a bit more seriously going forward, too many changes are done on a whim, apparently without (enough) thought given to potential ramifications.

Mistakes are understandable, a lack of feedback even when issues are fixed (in previous game updates that have screwed up months or years of work by the community) is not and I will be very happy to see this new approach of openness from Frontier continue.
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