Elite Dangerous Odyssey is unstable and crashes [SOLVED]

Diagnosis: Older PC, good enough graphics card, RAM and processor, Wifi internet connection. Game crashes randomly, can sometimes play for a while other times it just crashes. Other AAA games are crashing too.

Easy Stability Checks
Check that your computer’s power is plugged in properly, also check that it’s not loose where it plugs into your computer
Before installing the game, install DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Microsoft.
Try setting the Frame Rate Limit to 50 or 60FPS in the graphics options of elite dangerous odyssey

If you have unidentified devices/chipset in Device manager (Intel)
Before installing the game install Intel® Driver & Support Assistant from the Intel website.

Diagnose why your game is crashing
Press start and type Event Viewer.
In the left panel towards the top expand Windows Logs.
The logs below explain what errors caused your computer to crash, this is how you can figure out what is wrong on your PC.
If there are errors to do with the timing of the application being too late, this could be because TPM is slowing your processor down too much.
If there are errors to do with not having administrator rights, this could be because TPM is blocking elite from having the rights it needs or because you disabled TPM. If you want your computer to work without TPM you will have to reinstall windows because TPM encrypts parts of your system so that when it’s disabled you can’t access it.

Last Resort Stability Improvements, Reinstall Windows without TPM [THIS WORKED FOR ME]
Ask an 'adult' first
  1. Check you can reinstall windows, you will need a working product key and disk image
  2. Backup the files you want to backup, remember to backup your key bindings, saved games and web browser bookmarks.
  3. Use Steam to backup your game files, there is nothing wrong with them and you won’t need to download them again.
  4. If you have fooled around with your mother board BIOS now is the time to get the latest BIOS from your manufacturer and re-flash your motherboard.
  5. Disable TPM in your motherboard’s BIOS
  6. Reinstall windows (try to get the latest installer set up on a USB3 flash drive so you don’t have to update it because windows update fails a lot in the last 2 years.)
  7. Check for updates
  8. Install DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Microsoft.
  9. Install your graphics card drivers
  10. Install elite dangerous, when prompted to have your graphics card settings automatically setup for your hardware choose NO
  11. Follow the instructions below for your graphics card settings
Graphics settings in Elite Dangerous
The settings aren’t straightforward, there is a great explanation video on youtube called My Graphic Setting for Elite Dangerous Odyssey by down to earth astronomy
Set the Frame Rate Limit to 50 or 60FPS
Generally set things to medium
Anti Aliasing FXAA
Terrain LOD Blending OFF
I recommend turning head bobbing off to avoid motion sickness

Easy Performance Improvements
Check that you have the latest windows updates
Check that you have the latest graphics card driver
Disable the steam overlay, settings>In Game>Enable Steam Overlay while in-game UNCHECK
Disable the Xbox Game Bar overlay (yes on windows)
  • Enter windows settings from the start menu
  • Select Gaming
  • Toggle the overlay to the off position
Disable other overlays you might have from other programs like the epic game launcher...
Close other programs running in the background
Disable your real time virus protection while you are gaming

This fix worked for my hardware (asus pro gaming z170 mother board, intel i7-6700K, GTX1080).
Please comment if it worked for you and say what processor and graphics card you were using.
If you found something that works for you please post it in this thread so that others can have a better time, enter your hardware so people can google your post.
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