ANNOUNCEMENT Elite Dangerous: Odyssey PC Launch Date

Thanks for the news! The launch date appears... rushed? Jumping from Alpha to launch, will the release be flagged as beta or early access?
As you may have noticed, there are many software companies who doesn't strictly obey the traditional rules of Alpha / Beta notations these days, for different reasons.
But in our case the alpha (still not feature complete) was phase 1-3, while Phase 4 may be considered as a Beta (mostly feature complete, bug hunting).
I'm glad we were able to help you get you all such a soon release date.

But I will echo what I think a lot of us are thinking, it's a bit early isn't it?
I feel we were hoping to help improve the update a bit more, if you haven't fixed most of the problems we've found together so far.
Thanks for the update.
Do we know when phase 4 will launch tho'?
Does it mean we won't be able to play alpha for entire 3 weeks? :( Why? :(
At long last I get to try it :) Having a swollen C: drive (due to a small SSD) really has been painful over the last few weeks.

Congrats to all at FDev for what they have achieved with Odyssey (I have been drooling at the screenshots).
  • no changes to the galaxy map
  • the UI still completely RS
  • animations pretty bad
  • engineering costs completely over the top
  • lime green planets still a thing and filters not working

I hope everyone has a full set of fishing wading pants, gloves and gas mask for the tons of biowaste this is going to dump :ROFLMAO:
So are we all expecting a miracle then? 🦄
Me I'L just calmly wait, sigh a lot, then wander off, and wait and see some more I guess.
For the more devout optimist's, nope because miracles come in stages, stage 1. think very clearly what you want, stage 2. get a bottle of whiskey ready, 3. get a box of paper tissues ready, now the next stage is the crucial stage 4. pray like hell.... ;) if your prayer's are not answered, resort to the whiskey followed by tissues to soak up the tears.Oh and if they are answered dispense with the tissues:)
As much as I want to get my hands on it sooner rather than later, please don't rush the release. If the Devs feel they need another month to really lock everything down, then please give them the extra time. I know I can wait.
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