Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 3.01 | Horizons Update


(I imagine I'm the 12th person to make this joke)

Anyway, thanks for the update!
Come haven't we all lost a moon once in a while? :ROFLMAO:
I am trying in good manners, with tickets and a lot of patience to solve the problem by myself. But nobody solves anything for me and patience is over.

I have been playing since day one, with the bugs and errors that are expected today in any game, assuming that I am a beta tester who also pays for the product in tests, a product that I admit is extraordinary and not easy to program. But since the last update I can't even start, only the "Orange Sidewinder" appears without stopping.

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  • I have verified Frontier Launcher files.
  • I have reinstalled the game on Steam.
  • I have rebooted the router.
  • I have deleted files from "appData"

I have no problems with any other game, my PC is powerful and still ...
- I did a clean install of Windows 10 20H2.

This is nothing serious, it starts to be insulting.
if its not just a case of going to the frontier launcher options and using the log off machine function (refreshes cloud assets)
then ya you've tried everything :unsure:
Greetings Commanders.

At approximately 9:45 UTC/ 10:45 BST we deployed updates for both Elite Dangerous: Odyssey and Elite Dangerous: Horizons (all platforms), to address a number of priority issues.

Information on both updates can be found below.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons
  • General fixes to improve stability of the game have been implemented.
  • A moon has been reinstated in the Sharur system, which disappeared in Update 2 and caused issues for players trying to log into game whilst present in Sharur.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
  • General fixes to improve stability of the game have been implemented.
  • A fix has been implemented so that the scope of the manticore oppressor is no longer obscured.
  • A fix for a softlock when entering the CMDR panel via the access UI (due to the player being unable to back out) has been implemented.
  • A fix for the shuttle becoming stuck in a loop of docking requests when trying to land at a hostile settlement has been implemented.

Thank you all and have a great Friday.

See you in the black, Commanders o7
Basicly 3.01 update fixed what went wrong with 3.00. That is great of you guys to act on it so fast. Thank you.
6 years in and still not grinding. I get all mats easily through normal gameplay, what's the rush? There's no "endgame" you have to be first to complete to "win". It's a sandbox. Join a wing and get 50 million per mission and as many mats as you can eat.

This ^
Folks looking for game loops will be disappointed, All the game loops are made in your own imagination.
Thank you for the update, FD! I see some improvements in performance, from +3 to +10 fps. Now i have 60 fps in outposts concourses.
Ryzen R7 1700, AMD RX580 8Gb, DDR4 16Gb, 1080p High preset with medium shadows, Win7 SP1.
I do really want you to know that it's being heavily looked into and considered a priority. We'll update you with more info as soon as we've got something solid. Thanks millions for the patience.
Please understand that I mean this with no disrespect and this is certainly not personally directed at you, but there are a lot of things that are broken that should have been considered a priority prior to release. If you sense community frustration it's that much of the game that was promised wasn't implemented, the game that was implemented is broken in many aspects, and we now have, I believe, only two rounds of bugfixes - some of which are much-needed optimizations - left before we're abandoned (per the roadmap) until the console release.

The game remains very dark (like, it's literally hard to see anything), the map UIs are an awful mess (distance from where I am/system arrival is an important number, so why is it hidden by default?), the station UIs are inconsistent, and there are literally thousands of bugs ranging from frequent disconnects to missing moons (see: San Tu 5c) that need to be addressed, and yet in two weeks we're essentially being told that the game is working as intended.

There is a huge, HUGE amount of frustration among the community, and the morsels we're given and supposed to be grateful for evoke feelings that range from anger to frustration to betrayal.

Again, this is not at you, not even necessarily at the developers, but the designers and management who made the decision to release this game in a beta state and have the gall to charge us full price for it. I hate being lied to.
doing the current salvation quest?

I was heading back from the story planet to my current base and stopped at a planet with 7 biologicals so I drove across the planet to bio scan them.

at points I was watching the ground melt and rise as I was sitting there, plus all the invisible rocks made driving at speed.. interesting
I changed suit to my explorer suit for above.. now the crotch panel has mixed up what suits are what and I have to play russian roulette to find the right suit as the loadouts do not match whats selected
@sallymorganmoore Hello Sally! Thank you for the updates and responses! Could you let us know if anything is being done with VR to resolve the showstopper/game-breaking issues (e.g., DSS, free camera, blank screens in CZ after death, etc.)? Any news on actually optimizing VR considering there is an enormous number of players who can't play their favorite game because of these issues (including me!).

Thank you for any word.
I've given up on Elite now, the fiasco over Odyssey has killed off any enthusiasm I had for the game - all it took was loading Odyssey ~3 times and seeing how badly it ran (I've only played Horizons since).

It sounds like I wasn't a fan of the game right ? - No, I got to Deadly back in '85, and I'm currently double Elite status - and bought a TWCS throttle and Logitech 3D Extreme stick to play it even more as recently as 24th April this year. I even made my own desk mounts for them !

It's left more than a sour taste, I'm bitter about it.
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