Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 3

  • Reload and Switch Tool Mode bindings can now be custom bound to the same button.
I thought this was default? Or at least that's how it's been for me since day 1.

Also a question on the POI's how far is the LY out from the bubble, Colonia, and the smaller area's where humanity is in relation to POI spawning?


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Thanx for update.

How about the most annoying issues?
  • player cant easily manage modules, you need store modified modules then place them from different tab
  • player can unintentionally sell crafted modules
  • player cant see what modules you have on ship in the shipyard before choosing that ship

We're still absorbing the feedback, Kyokushin, and thank you for it! There are still more updates to come :)
Hopefully I can play this now without crashing to a full reboot after a random time, no BSOD, just a straight system restart. Only happens on EDO :(
Thanks for this lots of work been done there :
How about this issue ?

The Chat box writing

Horizons :

Thank you, hope the crashes are fixed now

Still no news about EDO engineers and certain materials needed for unlock that seem to be missing (smear campaigns, ofc)?


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Thanks for the updates. Great work. 👍

One query, as this only refers to Odyssey am I right in thinking this potentially still not fixed in Horizons? We get crashes on PS5 intermittently when jumping a carrier.

Edit: apparently it does also affect PC commanders on Horizons.


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