Release Elite Dangerous Personal Assistant (EDPA)

Download Link and Guide

As a pilot who plays exclusively in VR, a common frustration is having to type System names into the Galaxy Map, as well as needing to flip over to tools like every time you need to find a Material Trader or Technology Broker. While an annoyance in the flat game, it's excruciating in VR, even with the advent of virtual desktops and keyboards. However, after some development, it became apparent that it may be useful to more than just VR players.

The basic premise is that EDPA will track keybinds globally, and based on configuration, populate a list of systems. This list can then be navigated with "Prev" and "Next" keybinds, reading each one aloud. A "Type" keybind will simulate keyboard input and type out the system name. This is specifically intended for entry into the Galaxy Map search box. These keybinds can in turn be easily triggered by the likes of Voice Attack, Joystick Gremlin, Autohotkey or a space hamster trained to press keys on the appropriate olfactory command.

Features include:
  • A custom predefined list, either a manual TODO or imported from route finders like the Neutron Plotter.
  • Finding the nearest Material Trader / Tech Broker / Factors / Repair
  • Listing valuable (terraformable/earthlike/water/ammonia) bodies in a system that you have FSS scanned but not yet mapped
  • Automatic large ship detection. It will not send you to an outpost when in a large ship
  • Limits by range and supercruise distance
  • Parsing of historical journal files as well as real time tracking.
  • Optional download of station and system data from EDSM's nightly dump.
Given this is my first time writing and releasing an Electron project, teething issues are expected. But it works on my machine! There is a Discord channel for it that I will actively track should this thread go stale. Given that it seemed silly to set up a Discord server for a simple tool, that server serves a new squadron/wing/community that I am also launching concurrently to solve the other typing problem in VR - talking to other people.
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