Guide / Tutorial Elite: Dangerous Pilot's Guide/Manual/Tutorial/Help

I have put together a pilot's guide (tutorial, manual, help, whatever you want to call it) for Elite: Dangerous -
used all information i could find on forums (thank you guys!) and i hope this piece of information will be good read for new and experienced pilot's and if you know any tips and tricks please do share with us!

Pilots Guide online!

View/Download from Mediafire v1.13 (Printer friendly version v1.11)
[Spanish translation of guide v1.01 by Viajero: Mediafire]

View/Download from

Big thanks to silverjim for correcting mistakes! :)

I will update guide with new information and upload to same location so links will be same. Feel free to share those links :)
If you download and open PDF you can use Table of Contents to jump directly to desired topic, just press somewhere on the right line, also all hyperlinks should work on a mouse press and open in your browser.

And anyone of you feeling the need to share your thoughts and ideas about ED with everybody - there are many ways to do just that:
1) correct any mistakes or provide with more accurate or new information, updates etc. (please just post here the page Nr. and what i should correct or what i should add);
2) give me more Useful Links to add;
3) give ideas for new topics to cover;
4) write a topic and submit it (please contact me before writing to discuss the format :)
5) test and check in game assets and feed with all the data we might find useful. (But that should be done after gamma stage stars - as all that will change until then, that's why most numbers - prices, weapon damage etc. i included just for illustration.)
6) any ideas are welcomed!
thanks ;)

Feel free to share any download links where you want, i will update both places (mediafire and scribd) so there will be latest versions.

Other PDF files related to Elite: Dangerous

3 simple ED calendars, you can watch video preview to see contents without downloading here:

Download calendars from mediafire (all pdf files have 3mm bleed):
SHIPS (20mb)

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and btw: while i was searching for answers i found some very interesting small things for myself, which now i use on a daily basis - you just cannot know too much about this game :)
Awesome amount of work there, forger.
I'm on holiday at the moment, so this will be perfect reading to help enable me to jump straight in to the game when I return.

Many thanks!
Page 12, Spelling mistake, Flight Assist Off - that's Whay many pilots
corrected, thanks, also i misspelled anaKonda 9 times ;)
it's anaconda now but i will replace scribd file later, as there should be other errors too.

i did not have editor and reviser for this - that's why i ask you to be the ones :)
dude kudos to you, well compiled and will help loads of newcomers who keep complaining about the lack of info. Mod's please sticky this!!
An excellent guide!

"Getting used with controls" (pg. 6) should be "used to controls".

Also, are strafes separate buttons or more complex maneuvers?
An excellent guide!

"Getting used with controls" (pg. 6) should be "used to controls".

Also, are strafes separate buttons or more complex maneuvers?
strafe is just one button for each up/down left/righ, usually hotas users bind that to one hat, but i use rudder pedals for that ;)
Hurrah for you. Brilliant...dear Mod's, give this guy a free paint job.

Oh on the Hud...I THINK containers/nav beacons are white squares and missile white triangles
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