Elite Dangerous Sandbox Mode

I was watching CMDR Exigeous video on cheating in Elite Dangerous. I agreed that cheats are fun in single player games but can ruin multiplayer games. That got me thinking, what if Elite Dangerous had a fourth mode where cheaters could do whatever they wanted without impacting BGS or griefing other players? This way, Frontier can be more strict on cheaters in the main three modes (i.e. more banning) while giving cheaters a way to play the game they want to without negatively impacting other players. Alas, Sandbox mode.
This is already what happens - when FDev confirms an account that uses exploits/cheats, it gets shadowbanned into a separate set of servers where they don't impact anybody else.

OT: Which raises the question as to how feasible an offline mode would be - just have a lightweight "BGS" server which people could deploy at home. Also potentially interesting for when, eventually, the game reaches end-of-life.
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