Elite Dangerous: Scarlet Krait Connection Issues | 29/07/22 [RESOLVED]


Community Manager : Elite Dangerous
Greetings Commanders.

We're aware of a large number of Commanders experiencing Scarlet Krait errors followed by game crashes when attempting to get into the Galaxy on all platforms currently.

Issue Tracker has been acknowledged here: https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/51509 (thank you for your contributions).

The team are on the case and I'll keep you as updated as possible with ongoing progress.

[Progress Update: 17:52] : The team have a hotfix. Will continue to monitor how it goes!

[Progress Update: 19:04]
: The team along with social monitoring are now happy with the results of the fix, so here's wishing you all a very happy weekend ahead. Thanks for your patience!


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I haven't played Elite for a fortnight because, well, the weather was nice, motorbike, work and all that. And today I have rain and time, I'm relaxed, I've even banished my wife to the pub so I can play a few rounds in peace... and then the server crashes - shortly after Salvation has announced the construction of his super weapon. I tell you... we're all going to die 😧!

Frack it: I'll go to the pub and have a drink! Cheers, commanders!
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