Elite Dangerous: Update 7.01 and Horizons Update (PC Only)

It's not a "last resort" mechanism - port forwarding is an easy workaround for problems that are difficult to solve without actually coming to your house. It's on par with "turn it off and on again" as far as "solutions" go, i.e. a shortcut that gets the laymen to stop bothering you with problems they don't understand enough for you to walk them through remotely. It does work, I'm not arguing that - but it is not required, and is not the recommended approach.
There's a relevant thread all about it: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threa...imizing-multiplayer-connection-issues.583861/
I'm a bit confused lol. Has anyone had any mysterious disappearing engineered FSD's?

So just to clarify, I have a Python which is basically my runabout. I know for a fact that it had a 5A fully engineered FSD. I've recently used this ship and noticed my jump range was tiny! I checked my FSD and it was only the default 5E un-engineered FSD.

Is this a known issue please?
@sallymorganmoore -

Every on foot mission I take for "Seize XXX at a secret cache" automatically gives a financial reward. I only do these missions for data I need for mod's so successfully completing a mission and getting credits instead of the data I wanted is annoying. This was supposedly fixed in the past per one Commander's comment in this thread:
but it is not fixed.

This is a link to the problem in the issue tracker

Is this going to be fixed in UD8?
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