Elite Dangerous Update 8 to include Fleet Carrier capacity values fix


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Greetings Commanders.

Tomorrow (October 27th 2021) will see the deployment of the much anticipated Update 8 for Elite Dangerous (more on the expected deployment schedule in a later post today, so hang tight. On it o7)

With this update we will be rolling out a fix to address a known issue with capacity readings for Fleet Carriers. This fix is being applied to both Horizons and Odyssey across ALL PLATFORMS.

The Issue:

It's been noted that some Fleet Carriers have been returning negative capacity values for ship & module packs.
  • The issue itself lies with the size of the packs being incorrectly initialised within the Carrier, so Commanders will have been able to to install ship/module packs that should have caused their Fleet Carrier to go over capacity, for example purchasing 1 ship or module could remove 1000’s of capacity usage from a pack that the "Carrier thought" used 10’s of capacity, or vice-versa.

The Solution and Expected Changes:
We have identified the source of the problem and have a fix ready. Once applied, capacity readings for Fleet Carriers will revert to their true value.
  • For some Commanders, this may give back used capacity that was incorrectly assigned.
  • For others it may add multiple 10,000’s of capacity usage.
    • This will cause some Fleet Carriers to go over capacity, however, this will not stop those Fleet Carriers from functioning. The correct capacity usage will still be displayed in 'Carrier Management' and can be brought back under the maximum by selling off ship & module packs, removing commodities from the Cargo Hold or removing Purchase Orders.
    • Until capacity has been returned to below the maximum, the owner will be unable to store new commodities in the Fleet Carrier, create new Purchase Orders or buy new Ship/Module packs.

"We've been raising the issues some of us are having with soft-locks and UI issues with Fleet Carriers since Update 7 (among other issues of note). When can we expect fixes for these?"
  • There are a number of issues with Fleet Carrier UI stability and visual representation addressed as part of Update 8. I'll let you know more about these in the forthcoming patch notes tomorrow.

I'll be sure to remind everyone of this in tomorrow's update notes, this just warrented it's own call out due to the nature of the fix.

Have a great remainder of your day, Commanders!

so if i have stuff in my carrier i dont want to sell or burn i have to get it off the carrier somehow and the fc returns to normal? i hope we can realize that cuz me and my guys collect rp stuff for each other in our private storages (guardian , goid and rare commodities)... this will be a real mess to manage, hope we can tetris that somehow... it is what it is i guess :/ (anyway tho- thanks for the headsup sally)
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Tomorrow, hmm?

Looking forward to it.

(Hoping it addresses the issue where ship docked interface stops responding after you jump inside a carrier. Not super impactful as you can just exit to main menu and come back to fix it, but I can hope.)
(Hoping it addresses the issue where ship docked interface stops responding after you jump inside a carrier. Not super impactful as you can just exit to main menu and come back to fix it, but I can hope.)

opening and closing the nav panel solves it for me

I'm guessing it's this bug? Check out the capacity required.

This was introduced in patch 4-5 and got fixed the following patch, but any modules and ships bought at that time kept the original 0 weight, this hasn't been reproduceable since then as restocking them would bring back their original weight (But only for the ships that were sold, anymore still in the carrier storage would have 0 weight until they got sold)
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Will it be possible to enter the codex again, after the update? There has been no reaction from Fdev so far regarding that Problem. Game is again in a barely playable state!
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I appreciate the problem/solution concept.
Would it be possible to add technical details from the dev that implemented the fix (if he/she agrees to share, ofcourse)?
Guess quite a few would actually be interested as some of us like myself are devs as well.
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